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How was your week, guys? I made fried green tomatoes with friends, caught up with a buddy from college and I’m afraid I put some decorative guards on my dining room table. ‘Tis the season.Also! I just brought on a new columnist to revive the ‘Dear Dude’ Column! And (biased opinion alert) he’s probably the handsomest, smartest, funniest man EVER. If you want advice about dating/relationships/the hairier sex, send ’em to sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org and I’ll pass ’em along.

Links! For you!

a cute folk song.

Co-signed. 9 things you need to stop apologizing for immediately.

It’s your money, you spend it however you like and you don’t apologise for it. If you want to spend your Christmas bonus on limited edition Star Wars memorabilia or a solid gold coffee mug, go for it. And tell everyone else to get stuffed.

I loved this house tour of a modern family farmhouse. Even their nursery is cute!

Someday, I’d like to be the sort of woman who has ‘investment pieces.’ I’d start here.

Do you switch up your beauty routine when the seasons change? I’ve been using this moisturiser every winter for years. This is my ‘winter’ lipstick and this is my ‘winter’ scent (okay, it’s actually room spray. And?)

Random recommendation: my BFF bought me an amazing wood wick candle for my birthday AND IT TOTALLY MAKES CRACKLING NOISES. It’s like having a fireplace without, you know, having a fireplace.

For the kiddos in your life.

Illustrations that I’m obsessed with now (like a suspicious capivara)

Things we should eat/bake/stuff in our faceholes: fancy things on toast, creamy roasted red pepper soup, inner goddess chocolate truffles, breakfast root cake.

I take friendship seriously, so I loved this post about how you should treat your friends.

It’s so easy for me to feel warm, loving thoughts about friends or family members… and then go on about my day, never reaching out, sending a text, or setting a date to connect.
I think about them all the time, pray for them, and watch the details of their lives spool out over Facebook—first day of school photos, last moments of summer photos. I feel connected and warm, full of affection for these lovely people.
But how on earth would they know that?I never thought I’d be linking to a stylish cooler, but here we are.

What do you think this smells like?

Another surprising DIY: this grassy house number.

My go-to karaoke song is Heart of Glass. Don’t let your lack of a signing voice stop you! 10 awesome karaoke songs for the tone deaf.

Cute rings!

A very good point about our beloved Indiana Jones.

Chelsea has been traveling and organic-farm-working all over France and England and I am jeaaaallllouuuus!

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