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How was your week, guys? Mine was buuuuusy! I worked some magic for Elizabeth and Maggie, took a little day trip to enjoy the fall colors and helped two good friends wedding it up. Fun!Links! For you!

I’ve got space for two more hookup requests and heaps more hookup offers in October’s Network of Nice. Send me 50ish words (sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org) about your un-Googleable, non-promotional hookup and I’ll tell the internet all about it. If you’re launching a new product and need beta testers or want to hone some skills (in exchange for feedback and testimonials) before you launch a freelance business, The Network of Nice is a great place to start!

I love the idea of the Good and Cheap cookbook – recipes to help you eat well on $4 a day. You can download the whooooole book in pdf form here (for free!). Let’s all thank Leanne for her lovely, important work by tipping for said pdf, yeah?

Some good tips for getting through your period.

Fair-trade, ethically made, beautiful tops. Sold!


Soooo helpful: what to do you say when someone tells you about their mental health diagnosis?

Thank us for telling you.
Part of my anxiety about disclosure is that I fear having intruded upon you in some way — as if you’re going to go home and rue the day you met me, because now you have to deal with knowing this thing that I know all the damn time.
If it’s a recent diagnosis, tell us that our choice to seek the professional help that resulted in that diagnosis was a mature, brave one.
Because it is, and because we often feel that we should have done a better job of “toughing it out,” or “dealing with it on our own.”

Some thoughts about what happens when police wear cameras.

Good for Halloween (or just, you know, life)

This, too!

Did you know I’m on Instagram? Posting photos of myself in no makeup and camping? Let’s be friends!

Idea for every photographer I know: barter your photography skills for room and board as you travel around the world. Shantanu has been doing just that for 27 months!

Love this! 3 ways to start making your life feel like an adventure.

Real talk: your problems aren’t as complicated as you think.

Because, for real, it (whatever your “it” is) can be simple. Which, hold up, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be EASY, but easy is overrated and comfort is often the opposite of greatness, so let’s just all agree that being who we want to be takes work and that sometimes that work feels impossible and frustrating and sometimes we lay on the floor and cry for no reason. Yes? Okay. But the fact that things might be hard doesn’t mean that they need to be complicated. 
And that’s our problem: we overcomplicate things.Two books I’ve been loving: Americanah and The Happiness of Pursuit. So good!

A guitar-playing cat at 0:30

I’m totally into this pendant made from …. concrete?

Have you ever been swayed by a pushy salesperson? Here’s how to stand your ground.

Considering going freelance? 5 things to do before you go it on your own.

Yes! 10 foreign words we need in English! (“komorebi (n)The sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees.”)

WWEWD? (What would Elle Woods Do?)

Impressssive! DIY concrete countertops!

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: 10 things blogging has taught me6 Pulse-Quickening Places To Find Inspiration, How to stop being a pessimist.

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