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How was your week, guys? It’s been unseasonably gorgeous here in Minnesota, so I’ve been making the most of it with lots of hike and longs walks and lovely, outdoor dinner parties. Today, I’m hosting brunch for two of my girlfriends (I’m making these and my BFF is skyping in from New Mexico!) and then watching my favorite 11-year-old’s last baseball game of the season.Anyway. Links for you!

Ever late to the party, I am newly obsessed with the capsule wardrobe blog Un-fancy. (Gah! So stylish!)

Everything’s better with quotes on it.

After my 23 hour train trip from L.A. to Portland, I’m obsessed with Amtrak. This blog post is a wealth of information about booking and having your own train adventure!

Welp, now I’m adding Lisbon to my must-go list.

LOVE this long-form, photo-heavy piece on rodeo queens.

That night, they decide, it’s time to go out dancing. The RV that six of them are sleeping in looks like it has been hit by a Western-feminine tornado. Boots, hats, turquoise jewelry, jeans, makeup, and eight queens in various states of readiness are everywhere. A lonely cheetah-print bra, owner unknown, is sitting on a counter. After a brief search, Miss Nebraska—Sam—sets it down on a cheetah-print suitcase.
“These probably belong to the same person,” she reasons.

I’m cooler by association now that Anthropologie carries my friend’s skin care line (and it’s amazing and organic!)

Further fantasizing: a million amazing pool cabanas.

YESYESYES. I have So Many Feelings about this. Why you should ‘let’ your man wear red pants.

In the last year he’s tried many different things with his hair from the neck up and it’s amazing how many people have commented to me about it.
“I can’t believe you let him grow a mustache.”
“I would never let my husband grow a beard.”
“Do you REALLY like his long hair?”
“You’re brave to let him do that.”
I was really taken aback by the response of people, to me! I didn’t have to think to hard about an authentic response and I noticed it was always the same two things.
1. I’m surprised, but I actually really like it
2. It’s really not that big of a deal…it’s just a (fill-in-the-blank.)

Oh, the hilarity! This series of replies to a spammy text is amazing.I’m taking a break from proselytizing about Old Navy Rockstar jeans to tell you about these. High enough to mash everything in, make your butt look a.ma.zing, and they have enough stretch to literally do deep plies. Not that I tried or anything.

Potentially unpopular opinion: I loooooove the way cilantro smells. Obviously, I love this roundup of cilantro-scented beauty products.We agree that leopard is a neutral, right? Right.

If you read this True Story interview with my friend Kaitlin, you know that 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. Nora writes about hers.

I don’t know when it happened, when the butterfly heart I’d seen at 8 weeks turned to the ghost inside of me. What was I doing to not notice something so monumental? Driving my car, shopping for groceries, eating a bowl of cereal in bed, none of these seem like the things that should keep a mother from noticing her baby no longer is.
It’s a new kind of sadness to feel. It’s not for myself, and it’s not a typical brand of mourning, either. It’s a cold comfort to know how many women have been here before. How many women I know. How many women around the world heard the same news on that same day, felt the same perceptible loss of something that almost was. Almost is always the hardest.

High quality underwear that support girls’ education? Into it.

Black swan makeup for Halloween!

The heartbreaking reality of low-wage workers.

Her landlady, Amelia Resende, said Ms. Fernandes fell behind on her rent a couple of times this year, struggling to come up with $550 a month for the basement apartment in Newark that she rarely slept in. Mr. Carter said that she was hoping to move to Pennsylvania, where he lives
Ms. Resende said that Ms. Fernandes slept in her running S.U.V. so often that she started keeping a container full of fuel in the back. Mr. Carter warned that this wasn’t safe, but Ms. Fernandes brushed aside his concerns. She couldn’t run the risk of waking up to an empty tank

Could you survive a weekend with the cult of Oprah?

Wonderful! A sexually enlightened R&B song.

Worth watching: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk about the danger of a single story.

Take yourself on a date, girl!

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