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How was your Halloween, guys? As per the usual, I made thematic jello shots and discovered that sleeping in your dirty Halloween hair can result in the best hair of your whole damn life.Links for you!

Today is daylight’s savings! 10 fun things to do with that extra hour.

Love a good activist t-shirt!

Wedding invitation tea towels = cute!

The best tumblr of The Worst Cat. (spoiler: it’s not a cat.)

Want tiny umbrellas for those drinks? (DUR. YES.) You can make them yourself!

Good advice for any moms who are trying to ‘transform’ themselves (or anyone, really.)
My healthy mantra when I’m feeling annoyed at someone/totally disgruntled with humanity is, “Everybody is doing the best they can.”
Ahhh…did you feel that? It makes everything better. And the best part?
It really is true.
It’s true about that friend who called pretending to ask you how you were doing and just when you begin to tell her you’re having the worst day of your life she steamrolls the convo and tells you how a-maaaaa-zing her life is going.
It’s true about the turd that raced in front of you in the mile long check-out lane when you had one item to purchase and he had a bajillion.
It’s even true about your mother in-law who manages to insult you at least every other time you hear from her.

Stop living my fantasy, people who turned a Dutch church into a home!

I devoured this book in a week and neeeeed to talk to someone about it. Her father! What?!

The perfectly Minneapolis backyard wedding.

I love hearing what non-Americans think about life in America. This post about parenting in America was particularly eye-opening.
I was surprised by how supervised children are here. In Japan, kids go to school by themselves. As soon as children start first grade, they walk and ride trains and buses by themselves—even in Tokyo! I was surprised that in New York, my friend walks her 12-year-old son to school everyday. My son is five and in first grade, which is a ten-minute walk from here. If I let him go alone, I would be put in jail! So I walk with him to school every day.
—Reika Yo Alexander, who moved from Japan to New York

Here’s that NYC taxi driver pinup calendar you asked for.

Doesn’t this DIY hand towel ring look posh?

I wish I had the guts to vogue on live tv.

Things to stuff in your mouth: roasted broccoli with quinoa angel hair, homemade peppermint patties,

What a simple, clever idea for business cards!

I loved Alicia’s post on ‘frivolous memories
What’s significant about Instagram, and about my frivolous memory-keeping, isn’t the subjects of my pictures. What’s valuable to me is the chance to focus in on the highlights of life. Some people use a gratitude journal, some say a daily prayer of thanks. I offer up an image instead.
Gorgeous weather on a picnic? I’m grateful for the laughter of my friends, the richness of brie, and this quilted blanket in the grass.
New apartment? I’m grateful for the opportunities these empty rooms will offer.
Rough day? I’m grateful for the martini my roommate shook up for me.

Love this print.

Yessss! (I’m still trying to learn this.) Nothing is more exhausting than the task that’s never started.

Cutecutecute. Photographer’s dog plays hide and seek.

Oof. Super heavy but worth reading: We need to talk about women who regret motherhood.
I remember asking myself, ‘Is he really mine?’ He could, quite literally, have been anyone’s baby. Had a kind stranger offered to adopt him at that moment, I would not have objected.
Still, I wished no harm on Stuart and invested every ounce of my energy in caring for him. Even so, I know my life would have been much happier and more fulfilled without children.

And a few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to deal when your life is in shambles, How to stop being jealous, How to stop worrying about aging.


Audrey Lin

I lived in China for the last eight years and we don't have daylight savings there, so the idea of getting an extra hour is so exciting!! Although I think all I did was sleep through it, but after high school and a quarter of college, I've decided that sleep is productivity, so I have no regrets! (going with #10 on your daylight savings list :))

That is definitely the worst cat I'd ever seen. // Love the business cards! What a wonderful personal touch! // "The Keeper of Frivolous Memories" put into words what I could not. // I can definitely learn from "Nothing is more exhausting than the task that's never started." Sunday evenings are usually HORRIBLE for me, because I have an English essay due every Monday, plus morning dryland practices. I keep telling myself I'll finish the essay on Friday, edit it on Saturday, and then chill on Sunday, but that hasn't worked out too well… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Shen Dove

Love that Rock the Vote video. Despite all of the 'noise' that politicians make, voting is still key in bringing about social change. I hope everyone goes out and votes this week.

I definitely need to get Chiamanda's book, Purple Hibiscus. I love her writing.

The best hair is always a fluke that will likely not be repeated : )

amber rose

Great round up of links! I love making homemade peppermint patties! They are perfect for holiday time! Also, really love the hide and seek dog photographer, so cute and hilarious. That red couch photos is perfect!

I like your 25 new things… Dim Sum is delicious, and adult ballet is so worth it! I'd like to take a sailing class myself, though 🙂

Kaylin Lydia

Wow, I am so struck by the article (and those linked within them) regarding mothers who regret becoming mothers. Not because of the topic per se – rather the pressure those women are living under to be the perfect wife, worker and mother. To me, that seems to be the core issue and I can't help whether they would have enjoyed motherhood in a more non traditional set up with more support from their spouses and other people. I am interested in having children but agree that the idea of doing so under a traditional 1950s style arrangement seems suffocating. I also feel very sad for their children because it's not their fault and I'm sure their mothers underlying feelings of regret and resentment came through to them in some way. It gives me a lot to think about!


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