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You guys! As you read this, I’m on a flight to Key West with my friend Justine. I’ll only be there for four days but I’ll obviously spend at least two of them trying to snuggle Hemingway’s cats. I’ll be inundating Instagram with photos of sunsets and six-toed cats if you’d like to follow along.

Links for you!

A perfectly Minnesotan lookbook.

The power of small gestures.

Remember when I went to Dollywood on opening day? And nearly cried in her museum? We could all learn a thing or two from that lady:

I’ve had to go against all kinds of people through the years just to be myself. I think everybody should be allowed to be who they are, and to love who they love. I don’t think we should be judgmental. Lord, I’ve got enough problems of my own to pass judgment on somebody else.Have you ever said any of these? I’m sure I have. Let’s be better than that.

90s fashion moments!

Yessssss! Edible shot glasses made out of roasted marshmallows.

Can a notebook change your life? Yup. Here are 8 ways that can happen.

I CANNOT STAND HOW GREAT THIS DRESS IS. (I mean, expensive. But great!)

If you enjoyed the Notes To My Younger Self series, you’ll love hearing what 25 famous women had to say about their college experiences. Mindy Kaling says:
Not to sound braggy or anything, but I kind of killed it in college. You know that saying ‘big fish in a small pond’? At Dartmouth College, I was freakin’ Jaws in a community swimming pool. I wrote plays, I acted, I sang, I was the student newspaper cartoonist. All this, of course, was less a function of my talent than of the school’s being in rural New Hampshire, where the only option for real entertainment was driving one and a half hours to Manchester, on the off chance the Capitol Steps were touring there … If you’re a kid who was not especially a star in your high school, I recommend going to college in the middle of nowhere. I got all the attention I could ever have wanted. If I had gone to NYU, right now I’d be the funniest paralegal in a law firm in Boston.

New life idols! This couple retired in 1991 (at 38) and have been traveling and living on $30,000 a year since.

Wouldn’t this be pretty for the holidays? (And modest enough for Grandma and warm-ish?)

Don’t you hate it when friends flake out? (Me, too!) Advice on how to deal with that.

Kind thoughts about letting go of a goal that no longer fits.

Photos and a little story about life in rural Alaska.

Somewhat related: rural post offices.

As a nearly-minimalist, I love Cuyuna’s idea of a ‘lean closet.‘ Every time you buy something from them, they ship it in a reusable bag. Then you fill the bag with clothes you don’t love anymore and ship ’em back. They’ll take care of donations for you!

Such a pretty, grown-up bag.

Such a sweet photo series of travel memorabilia!

And a few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to rock at blogging. Or life. Or both., How to be skinny, 8 useful, clever gifts for travelers.

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