Christmas For Lazy People (Like Me)

Guys, I’m not going to write any gift guides this year or host any giveaways.
I’m not above it (because who doesn’t like free stuff?) but there are about a million other bloggers who do that better than I do, so I’m going to stick to what I do best: trying new things, interviewing people, finding good links, eatin’ cheese.
Of course, I’ve written holiday-centric things in the past. And, lo! Here they are!


Kate S.

Hey Sarah, the first image doesn't link to a post, and neither does the ethical gifts for ladies or plum pudding images though. These roundups are a neat idea though!


Hooray for eating cheese! That's one of the main reason I'm hosting any holiday events. To make cheese boards that I will probably end up eating 90 percent of myself.


The plum pudding link still isn't working. I think it may the recipe I made last year, loved, and lost. Please fix!


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