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How was your week, guys? I’ve been scrambling to finish all my work in time for a holiday break, but I’ve found time for celebratory latkes, checking ‘pottery class’ off my New Things list, and winning some sort of Best Girlfriend award for attending an office party. At The Mall of America. In a comedy club.

Links for you!

An Instagram account I wish I’d thought of: Wenevermet. Pictures of strangers (who aren’t facing the camera) and tiny, imaginary caption stories of their lives.
“She was lost without him. After 8 years he just left. She really thought he was the one, but a quick search on Yelp revealed a new and even better rated hairdresser.”

So dang pretty! DIY acrylic gift tags or animal-themed print out gift tags (which are much easier)

Welp, now I want to go to Portugal.

10 toys your cat would like for Christmas.

Things to eat/cook/bake: roasted whole cauliflower with cheddar beer sauce, spicy sofritas veggie bowls with tofu, s’more pops.

Orlando, hilarious as always, shared 10 Ways to Make Your Holiday Sparkle Without Looking Like the Huge Nerd You Really Are

The most glamorous things in life are those that are handmade. Every year, I like to incorporate at least one handcrafted item into my holiday décor. This year, I made maniacally color coordinated hand-painted wrapping paper. Crafting is also a great activity to do with your friends. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 1- Invite your friends over. 2- Tell them to make things. 3- Be like, “Sorry I have to keep these cuz I bought all the supplies sorry, time for you to leave.”My friends Amber and Ryan got married on a farm last year and it was gooooorgeous.

Want something to be better? You gotta ask for it.

Cute! A teenager interviews his teachers about their favorite musicians. (His teachers are so cool!)

Cowgirls! You’re the cutest!

A modern, light-filled farm house. That kitchen shelving! I swoon!

This would be a lovely addition to my Lady Closet.

Your Christmas tree’s back story. Did you know that In Oregon, Christmas trees outnumber humans 12 to 1?

A super interesting piece about the reality of trying to save money while poor.
Bulk buying in general is cheaper, but you have to have a lot of money to spend on stuff you don’t actually need yet. Hand-washing saves on the utilities, but nobody actually has time for that. If I could afford to replace stuff before it was worn out, vehicle maintenance wouldn’t be much of an issue, but you really can’t rinse the cheap filters and again—quality costs money up front. In the long term, it makes way more sense to buy a good toaster. But if the good toaster is 30 bucks right now, and the crappiest toaster of them all is 10, it doesn’t matter how many times I have to replace it. Ten bucks it is, because I don’t have any extra tens.

This is out of my price range BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

And isn’t this bra pretty? (At least from the back.)

Hope you had a lovely weekend, guys!

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Katherine Miller

Another Oregon Tree fact: The Oregon license plate has an evergreen in the center – apparently a replica of the one that used to stand atop Marquam Hill (now known as "Pill Hill" because Oregon Health and Science University and the Portland VA are now located there).


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