8 Things To Do During That Weird, Lazy Week Between Christmas and New Years

What to do between Christmas and New Years? It's a weird, lazy time but you can make it awesome! Click through for 8 good ideas. // yesandyes.org
That week between Christmas and New Year’s sure is weird, isn’t it? Your in-town friends are out of town and your out-of-town friends are in town and totally overwhelmed with social obligations. If you’re working your 9-5, half your coworkers are out of the office and you’ll spend an entire week organizing your desk snacks.
It’s a strange, lazy week. We’re not quite ready to pull down the lights and we (re: I) aren’t quite ready to dive into the green juices and spin classes of January 2nd, either.

I want to enjoy my Week Of Nothing but I’m not particularly interested in taking on anything too impressive or productive. 

8 things to do during the week between Christmas and New Years

1. Read wonderful, delicious fiction

During my time off I’m prone to doing ridiculous things like reading business and self-development books. I’m giving my brain a break and re-reading some of my favorite books: these (of course) and this dog-eared buddy. Everyone ever has recommended Studs Terkel to me so I can’t wait to pore over his books.

2. Wear all your closet orphans (and get rid of stuff you don’t wear)

We’ve all got those cute tops we never wear or the skirts that don’t match anything. It’s amazing what happens when you force yourself to make it work. It’s fun to pull stuff from the depths of your closet and work them into a coffee shop or office-appropriate outfit.

You might like it! It might be ridiculous! And if it is, you don’t ever have to wear it again.If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even purge your closet (here’s how.)

3. Try some new recipes from that pile of magazines

You can tell I’m a Grown Ass Woman because I have an enormous pile of women’s magazines next to my bed. (That’s the mark of an adult, right? Accrual of mail?)Each month I read them and each month I plan to make that kale apple almond thing. And then I eat popcorn for dinner again.

I’m going to go through my lady magazines, rip out those ever-loving recipes, buy the ingredients and fill my kitchen with lovely, homey smells and my belly with something other than popcorn or quinoa burgers.

4. Schedule video call catch-ups with far-flung friends

I have gone months interacting with friends exclusively via the Facebook ‘like’ button. You had a baby = like! You ran a marathon = like! You’ve taken your eye makeup situation to a level that makes me quake with envy = like!
It’s high time I saw my friends’ faces and heard their voices and got the blow-by-blow of what’s going on with their jobs/relationships/bangs.

5. Mix up some winter-friendly DIY beauty treatments

Now, I love a good yogurt aspirin mask, but that’s more of an oily, summer skin kinda jam. This avocado lemon maskthis hair mask, and this cinnamon scrub would be lovely – particularly if they’re applied while sipping peppermint tea and watching old episodes of Parks and Rec.

6. Finish a few projects that are hanging over your head

I am captain “It’s totally not a big deal, it really doesn’t bother me” – about the cracked windshield, the Venetian blind my cat ate, my constantly crooked lampshade. But when I finally get around to fixing those non-problems I FEEL LIKE THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD.

I’m going to spend a few hours taking care of those little, niggling problems during my down week. I imagine it will make me feel so powerful and capable I’ll take to breaking things just so I can fix them.

7. Engage in a few good karma projects

I’m trying to get a head start on Santa’s Nice List for next year and earn a few gold stars that I’ll inevitably cash in on New Year’s Eve. I think I’ll work my way through some of these good karma ideas and hope that my NYE’s shenanigans don’t require a penance bigger than that.

8. Do a No Grocery Challenge

If you hosted Christmas or Hanukkah, you’re probably drowning in leftovers and about-to-go-bad produce. Even if you didn’t host, I bet your parents sent you home with Coolwhip containers filled with extras.

Why not use this week to do a No Grocery Challenge? Pass up the grocery store and get creative with what you have on hand. You’ll be amazed by how much money you’ll save and how much time you don’t spend just ‘popping to the store’ for one ingredient.

What are you going to do during your weird post-Christmas week?
P.S. How to Hygge (or ’29 ways to actually enjoy winter)
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Pea Green Cactus

Sarah! This is wonderful! I, too, am taking ALL of those days off, and planning on doing all the things you write about. (Plus knitting, which is so relaxing.)Talk about kindred spirits! I hope you have a lovely holiday.


now i'm wishing i had taken more days off! i only took next week off, and will be spending the whole time bouncing around my hometown staying with family members. after that, i could use a day or seven of face masks and leslie knope. but i am definitely going to pick up some delicious fiction for my train rides and hanging out at my sister's house while she's at work!


I'm not the only one with weird apple kale almond recipes lying around?! Thank goodness. I like to add more fun to my life. Even though I'm working the 9-5 job, and teaching the yoga classes, I will visit friends, hang out with people I usually don't, and be a little more tired than usual.


I just subscribed to blog love and love it. Everyone else (other blogs) are talking about spending time with family, making this elaborate meal, where this from this store and so on. It refreshing to hear another point of view. I enjoy the pleasantness of doing nothing that week before the end of the year. Unfortunately I have a hyperactive curious 5 yr old jumping me the whole time asking for food and wanting to be entertained. I will figure out something for him to do that he won't get bored with in 10 minutes and find me some ME Time. Thanks


I love working between Christmas and New Year because no one is in the office or on public transport. I do find half my time taken up with finding somewhere that is open so I can get coffee though!


I go through all of my books (three bookshelves worth WOOT) and decide what I want to read in 2015, plus weed out ones I am no longer interested in. I also re-arrange my living room which gives me a huge burst of energy every morning when I walk into it! Happy Holidays, Sarah VB!

Belle, Christina


These are all really good tips! I unfortunately don't have the entire time off work, but the time I do have I am going to try to actually un-plug for once (no work emails!) and spend time with family, read, and just be present and in the moment. Back at work, since things will be slow, I am going to try to clean and organize my desk, purge my closet of old clothes, create a budget for 2015…let's call it, life organization. 😉

~ Christina


I really love your book recommendations – the Studs Terkel book looks great! And of course Anne of Green Gables is the best.


Love this list! I always dread the time between Christmas and New Year, it's like no man's land. I'm working a couple of the days this year, but think work maybe pretty quiet so a great time to do some reading. The idea of wearing the closet orphans is also a great one.
I'm doing a challenge, trying to do as many new things in the year I'm 29, I can do a few things in that time as well 🙂


I had intended to just chill over the week between Christmas and new year's , but I was hit with a sudden burst of energy. So I used it to write to some friends and take down all my Christmas decorations. Now I'm catching up on my blog reading and indulging in some excellent books. I've also been trying to cook some new recipes and spend quality time hugging my cats.


Ha. I just read this but found myself unknowingly doing all these things. Love your blog, btw. I also appreciate you turning me on to Benjamin Plante, who lives in a place dear to my heart. I so enjoy his post from NC and MN. Happy Holidays!


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