2015 Anne Shirley

This is a new post series idea I’m trying out – imagining our favorite female literary characters navigating life in 2015.

Anne obviously got into the MFA program at Sarah Lawrence on the first try, her collection of poems about birch trees moved the admissions team to tears.

Of course, it was hard to leave Diana on Prince Edward Island, but they kept in touch with emoji-filled texts and frequent Skype dates. Anne was always trying to include her little rescue dog in the calls and Diana spent 40% of every call lamenting her weight. Anne always responded with “Well, you know I think your curves are delightful,” and then she’d send her a link to that Meghan Trainor song.

Anne still got in trouble for talking constantly. Though her ‘Rate My Professor‘ reviews were generally positive, there were still plenty of comments like “couldn’t get a word in edgewise when I went in for office hours” and “seems obsessed with water metaphors and speaks in an overly poetic manner about normal shit. Just give me the assignment, you know?”

Anne wasn’t sure what life held for her after graduate school. She loved the life that she’d built for herself in New York – the sweet little pots of herbs on her fire escape, chats over tea with her Gender Studies PhD roommate, afternoons spent picking through piles of sweaters in the neighborhood thrift stores.

Maybe she’d move to Japan and teach there for a few years. Maybe she’d tag along with Gilbert on a Doctors Without Borders Trip. Maybe she and Diana would start a Youtube channel, reciting pop lyrics in a dramatic fashion.

Whatever happened, she knew she was up to the challenge. Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it.

P.S. 2015 Scout Finch and 2015 Lizzy Bennet

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that's so cute! can't wait to hear about tita from like water for chocolate or vianne and anouk from chocolat!


A friend of my husband has a girl who just turned 11. Mary has bright red hair that she hates and she's really into drama/acting and has a great imagination. I bought her a copy of "Anne" for her birthday and left a note telling her how Anne was my 'book friend' when I was her age and I hope they go on adventures together.

Okay, I know what I'm rereading this weekend.


This is a fun idea. I think it would be helpful to include one sentence that says who the character you are portraying is, or at a minimum state the book/author.

Abbigail Kriebs

I adore this! HUGE Anne Shirley fan (the idea of her is actually a big feature in the novel I'm writing). Love imagining her as a modern woman, reading the same books I do or reading poetry at a coffee shop on open mic night. She would still wear pearls and would suffer a bad dye-job from time to time, but she would be the perfect best friend and a fabulous modern day teacher.

Can't wait to read more of these, Sarah! And I would totally contribute one if you ever need some fresh literary heroines. 🙂

NZ Muse

Love. Makes me think of The Toast, or Nicole Dieker's series 'How Wizards Do Money' on The Billfold with Harry Potter characters (really touching stuff – they've actually made me cry)


This is awesome, fun, and adorable. I'm pretty sure Anne would do Teach for America or find some way to be in the classroom.

I need 2015 Hermione Granger. If you're not a Potter fan, I can get you some deets.


This one might be sad, but I want to see 2015 Susan from Narnia. Like, yes, dealing with the death of her family. She isn't on the railway platform and lives in the book and I always thought her life would be heartbreaking


You have no idea what a smile you brought to my face! Seeing the name Anne Shirley in a blog is like seeing your best friend's name in the paper! :))


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