Real Life Style Icon: Ellie of ‘Rose and Vintage’

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews in which we talk to clever, interesting humans who also happen to be painfully stylish. And then we distract them while we raid their closets.
Name: Ellie Connor-Phillips
Age: 17
Location: London
Online haunts: blog// tumblr // twitter 
Tell us three reasons that you’re awesome: 
Haha! I wouldn’t really call myself that! I’m really really typical and uncool. Trust me!
What are you wearing right now, as you type this? 
Pale orange polo neck jumper, patterned loose trousers, low black doc martens
What is the last item of clothing you bought? 
Some bits and bobs from Beyond Retro – a dark red tartan skirt and a floral shirt.
What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment? 
Splurge: The leopard print skirt from Topshop that Alexa Chung wore at fashion week, and everything Miu Miu.
Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
I guess the first time I ever bought vintage was on a family trip out to Spitalfields – we all ate fish and chips and strolled through the market, and I bought a big cream and navy jumper that was really my initiation into the whole second-hand scene.
What is your best thrifting score? 
An original Diesel leather jacket for £10!
Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs? 
1. Wear everything all at once.
2. Clashing patterns are the best.
3. Being comfortable and feeling like yourself looks better than any overly thought out outfit ever could. Go crazy!
Ellie’s fanatically stylish for 17, isn’t she? At her age, I was wearing red fleece overalls I made in Home Ec. paired with a rainbow sweater. Seriously.P.S. Did you know that you can get my freeeee ebook Be Your Own Style Icon: 15 Insanely Clever Tips + Tricks here?

P.P.S. 5 cheap, doable, homemade beauty tips


Brianna Soloski

The most stylish. When I was 17, I was wearing bell bottom jeans (in 1999) with flowers embroidered on the legs. My friend Melissa and I had the same jeans and would nearly always wear them the same day.

Jess B-E

This is going to make me sound about 100 years old (I'm 27, I swear!), but young people today scare me with how stylish they are. I dressed TERRIBLY when I was a teenager, probably right through until my early twenties at least. I didn't have a clue what suited me, or how to do my hair or make-up…. where do they learn it?!


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