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Are you guys digging yourself out of the holiday gluttony and crumpled wrapping paper? I didn’t quite make it through my self-imposed break without working, but a lot of my ‘work’ consisted of pinning outfits that pair stripes with patterns and freaking out about my app launch.
Also! Before we dive into this week’s links, I’ve got space for five more Network of Nice hook up requests and innumerable hook up offers. The Network of Nice is a great way to make new friends, get travel or career advice, chat with people who’ve experienced something you’re currently going through, or beta test your services. If you’re interested, send me 100 words about your non-Googleable, non-promotional hook up and I’ll tuck you into January’s post!Anyhoo. Links for you!

As though you needed a reason to adopt a cat! (If you do, here are 50)If you live in a cold, dark place the Danish concept of Hygge can help you manage.
Hygge describes an intentional chilling out of the spirit as a way to harmonize with – not combat or stave off – the darkness of winter, and an intentional meditative time created out of the much-maligned but potentially fruitful malady we desperately call cabin fever. Hygge, then, is about man caves. Woman caves. Ice houses. Saunas. Igloos. Blankets. Hunkering down. Staying in. Cuddling up. Lighting candles. Making love, not work or war.

Or you could download my free ebook, 29 Ways To Actually Enjoy Winter.

Holy cow, am I sucker for these ice cubes.

I’m enjoying pretty much everything on the gorgeous site The Midwestival, particularly profiles about sweet little towns like New Ulm.

Aren’t these half-painted rooms pretty?

I read Lolita for the first time last year (and loved it) so I was fascinated by this story about the girl the book was based on.

Sally and La Salle—he used the alias “Frank Warner” at that time—moved into a rooming house at 203 Pacific Street in Atlantic City. She called her mother on several occasions, always from a pay station, to say she was having a swell time. For six weeks, Ella Horner thought nothing was amiss—she believed her daughter was on summer vacation with friends.Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a magazine editor? A day in the life.

I love tiny houses so I’m obviously all over the new HGTV show Tiny House Hunters.

Annnnnd I love non-house buildings that people turn into houses. Like this 1880’s barn!

A super sweet obituary for a family dog.

In the event that ‘lose weight’ was one of your 2015 resolutions, here are 55 tips to keep it off for good.

Rape doesn’t just happen to women and the victim doesn’t have to be likable to be telling the truth.
A victim doesn’t have to be relatable or reliable or likable or “normal” – or even a good person – for you to believe them. You can be utterly baffled by someone’s every move and still take their victimisation seriously. LaBeouf’s bizarre behaviour and his sexual violation are in no way mutually exclusive, nor are the latter and his gender. “He was asking for it.” “Why didn’t he fight back?” “Why didn’t he say ‘no’?” “He must have wanted it.” “He seems crazy.” These are flat-out unacceptable things to say to a person of any gender. In a culture where male victimhood is stigmatised as feminine and weak (toxic masculinity is, above all, an extension of misogyny), believing male victims isn’t oppositional to feminism, it is a feminist imperative.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: 5 things to do when you fail, Quotes from our imaginary BFF Zora Neale Hurston, True Story: A nudist resort helped me love my body.

Hope 2015 is treating you well!



Thank you for introducing me to The Midwestival! Also, the kid president video is something everyone should see at the beginning of this new year–especially number four: it's okay to disagree but it's not okay to be mean. Cheers to that!

Kaylin Lydia

Wow! Kind of surreal reading that Real Lolita article – so interesting and sad…. AND surreal as I live and work where some of those events occurred. Where she died is right down the street from me! I can't believe I pass there every day and never knew that occurred there, very sad.


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