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Screenshots from my app ‘Yes! Daily.’ At the moment, it’s iphone only, so I’ve been corralling images into a Pinterest board so Android users can see ’em. If you’ve been using the app and enjoying it, I’d be forever grateful if you’d write a review in the Apple store!


How was your week, internet friends of mine? I worked till I was so exhausted my dinner consisted of corn chips eaten directly off the table. So maaaaybe it’s time to reassess my work/life balance? Maybe?
In addition to that, I met a friend for Babani’s famous lemon soup and saw Inherent Vice. As you read this I’m attempting to regain some of that aforementioned work/life balance at Lifestyle Design Camp. Oooooh do I need it!
Anyhoo. Enough about me. Let’s talk about you, interwebz. 

This room makeover is insane! I have never before witnessed the transformative power of wood panels.
Solid perfume is one of a go-to tricks for my travel makeup bag; here’s how to make your own!
A sweet thing you can do to make your server’s life easier.
A great post on the real life vs. online life and the fact no one (literally no one) feels like an insider.
I think a lot of us are faced with these kinds of misperceptions about what our lives actually are vs. what our lives seem like online. To this day, I have no idea if my family really understands that my life isn’t exactly as it unfolds on Facebook. They seem to think I’m some fancy person that just runs around doing fancy things all the time. Facebook, and a lot of social media sites, are really only good for sharing certain kinds of information. You’re not going to share a picture of the cockroach you just found in the shower on Instagram. You share only the pretty moments. This editing can be strangely alienating to people, because it makes them feel like their lives are less-than.
I loved Kyla’s new weekly habit – can’t wait to incorporate it into my own life.


The funniest thing I’ve read on in ages: Today I Learned Something about My Boyfriend That No Girl Should Ever Have to Discover
Shortly after dinner, my best friend Jessica called me and told me she had some information to share with me about Mark. I begged her to just tell me over the phone, but she insisted that it had to be in person. So we met up an hour later at the Jitterbug Cafe, our favorite java-spot to sip cappuccino and check out acoustic guitar music on a Friday Night. However, tonight the sound of acoustic guitar music would be replaced with the sound of tears, sniffling, tissues being removed from tissue packets and other sounds that indicate that something sad is happening.It was there at the cafe that Jessica told me the bad news: Mark is actually just a couple of old hot dogs inside of a very tiny, mohair sweater.

If I could be trusted to have candy dishes, I’d have this one.Helpful! I Answered Google’s Most Searched Beauty Questions Because I’m A Know-It-All (glad to know I’m washing my hair the ‘right’ amount)

Ha! A good reminder: Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you. Good advice for anyone struggling with school.I love this vintage-filled house tour. It’s nice and artfully spare.

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For those of you wondering if the app is worth the buy– it 100% is! I get dorkily excited every morning checking in to see what my "yes" will be today!


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