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How was your week, guys? I’m trying out a new business model and thus far it’s, um, not working. Here’s to fine tuning and not working till 8 pm every day!Links for you!

I am extreeeeemly reticent about joining online groups/communities/online courses but I’ve been part of Cornerstone for the last two months and have found it to be incredibly helpful. It’s the right balance of support, structure, and inspiration without feeling overwhelming. If you’re self-employeed (or trying to be) I think you’d love it!

A book that will help you plan your blog for 2015

Remember when I wondered if I’d be hiking in Nepal if I couldn’t tell anyone about it? Related: Has travel become another exercise in narcissism?

Just realize: if your travelling is a box-ticking exercise; if you predicate even one iota of self-worth on how many countries you’ve visited; if you think in bucket-lists inspired by clickbait ‘10 best’ listicles appealing to the lowest common denominator, from one deluded c*nt to another, travelling isn’t making you interesting. It’s just confirming your position as one of the crowd.

Things I want to eat/bake/stuff in my mouth: baked egg in an avocado, the green machine sandwich, thyme and Parmesan roasted sweet potatoes.

This blazer. Yay or nay?

A beautifully written post about the optimistic nature of new year’s resolutions.

If you’ve ever moved in with a dude, you know it can be hard to create a home that works with both your aesthetics. I really liked this gender-neutral-feeling home.

And I love seeing tours of rented apartments on big design websites! This place is adorable!

Uncanny street photography.

I know it’s winter but isn’t this swimsuit adorable?

I need to re-read this about once a month. Stop trying to change your life overnight.

We’re really good at fantasizing about the big picture of what we want, but we’re total shit at setting day-to-day action steps to make it happen.
Being able to identify an action step that is both small enough to be realistic and important enough to be high-impact is a learned behavior, and like any other skill you need to practice it over and over if you want to improve.A glossary of the internet. SMDH = suck my dang handIf I ever become a weirdo billionaire, I will absolutely have a tank of jellyfish.

I loooove this Etsy shop of illustrated songs.

Today, say yes to detachment.

Completely random recommendation: if a man in your life has really sensitive skin/hates shaving, this is a miracle.

Lovely wallpaper for your computer or phone.

Just like everyone, ever I love Kurt Vonnegut. His letter to a group of grade school students is so sweet!

Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.A FOX VILLAGE!And a few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: A mini travel guide to Sweden, 4 fun food-themed parties, When “no” is better than “yes” 

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