2015 Lizzy Bennet

Last month, I imagined Anne Shirley in 2015, this month we’re talking about everyone’s literary BFF, Pride and Prejudice‘s Elizabeth Bennet.
Lizzy never expected to find herself 25 and living with her parents.
She certainly didn’t expect that she’d be 25 and living with her parents, her sister Jane, and that insufferable, selfie-obsessed Lydia. Of course, it wasn’t surprising that Mary was still at home (she was working on her dissertation about water metaphors in classic Russian literature) and Kitty was still in high school …. but Lizzy never thought she’d be sleeping in a twin bed across the room from Jane, post-college.
Lizzy had moved home to help her parents run their rental cottages in Dartmouth. The whole cottage thing was a late mid-life crisis on her dad’s part and though she loved him dearly, Lizzy thought the whole thing was ridiculous. Why sell the farm and the big house to invest in a bunch of tumble down shacks by the sea? Mother couldn’t be counted on to talk any sense into him – she just nattered on about how now they’d be around wealthy weekender types and how those Kardashians really knew how to live life.
Lizzy didn’t listen. She was too busy writing copy for the company website, updating their Twitter account, and attempting to be civil to customers to care much about keeping up with Kim. Jane wasn’t much help – as gorgeous as she was, she’d inadvertently become a muse for a local Instagram celebrity so she was always off, posing for photos on beaches and cliffs with her hair swirling artfully around her pretty features.
Kitty spent all her time snap chatting, Lydia was trying (and failing, thankfully) to become a camgirl, and Mary spent most of her time picking fights with everyone about water metaphors/Russia/sexism in academia. Mother was always pestering Lizzy about trying online dating. Lizzy had given it a try but deleted Tinder after Mother had wrestled her phone away and right swiped 15 questionable men.
All this meant Lizzy needed some time out of the house and away from the family.
Which is how she ended up at a house party at the big place down the road, thrown by some out-of-towners named Bingley and Darcy.

“Darcy?” she thought. “What kind of last name is that? Sounds preeeeetty hoity toity, ifidosaysomyself. He’s probably all handsome and rich and full of himself. Ah well, if nothing else, it’ll be fun to meet the neighbors. That’s the whole point of living here, right? To make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them?”….

Can you spot the direct quote from the book?!

P.S. If our favorite Disney princesses lived in the modern day. Jasmine obviously has a BA in Public Policy with a minor in music.

photo found on tumblr – please let me know if this is yours so I can correctly credit you!



I loved this! I am totally posting a link on my site's Link Love series tonight. Loved Lizzy Bennet and now I totally wish this modern story were part of a full book!


I love this!!

My other literary BFF is Francie Nolan from "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I'd like to think that she became an advocate for children in poverty and children of addicts.

Sarah G

This is fun! Reminded me of the book and youtube videos The Lizzie Bennet Diary – have you seen/read them? Super fun modern day retelling!


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