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How was you week, guys? We attended our friend’s annual Scotch Pong party (it’s like beer pong – but with scotch and black tie attire) and today I’m attending a Superbowl ad/halftime + Downton Abbey watching party. Fun!On Tuesday I’m sending out this month’s Network of Nice newsletter. In addition to requests (and offers!) for hookups, it’ll include discount codes for all sorts of cool things from this month’s sponsors – 15% off anything in Melissa’s sweet shop, 50% off bookkeeping for coaches and creatives from Angie, free printable downloads from Vanessa, 50% off printables from Thalita’s shop, 15% off any of Lydia’s awesome things, and 20% off Up & Running courses.

Sounds good, right?

If you’re not on the list, you can sign up here. If you are, keep your eyes open at 6 am CST on Tuesday!

Links for you!

I got this (on sale for $15!) and I’ve worn it four times this week. I should probably be embarrassed to be wearing what is essentially a dickey BUT I CARE NOT.

Ooof! These botanical, anatomical drawings are gorgeous!

Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Here’s what can happen.

A sweet, bouncy song.

Hilarious! When the baby bump … isn’t.

Gosh, this is sticky. Do you ever get weird when one of your friends gets complimented all the time?

I had never understood why I have felt that way. I just knew that I did. I can remember a variety of stinging instances when someone complimented a woman before me and how I, always, immediately felt it was a ploy to criticize my own failures. That by virtue of this other woman writing a good piece of criticism; or this person having an amazing skirt; or shoes, or dress—I didn’t/couldn’t/hadn’t, I was a slob.

What happens when two celebrities – one male, one female – each get a million dollar-plus book deal?

Pretty! A DIY rollboard!

I was not aware that ‘farmhouse style‘ was a Thing. But apparently it is and it’s how I want everything to look now.

Ahhhhhh! The NYPD made an arrest during a show and HECKLED THE COMEDIAN!

What’s the difference between unconscious acceptance and putting up with shit? Um. Nothing.

What are you “accepting” right now because it’s the ethical thing to do, or the harmonious way to go? Ethics, harmony, real love — so divine. So much goodness can go in the “healthy acceptance” category. But…What on your “tolerance list” is lifting your life up, vs. what’s weighing it down? What occasions of acceptance are expanding your being with love, vs. what’s making you quietly resentful? When do you feel freedom rush in because you’re accepting the way someone/something is, and when do you feel muffled? Love is a great complexity so it’s not always that black or white, but sometimes it is. Go there.Yesssss. A subscription box for those of us who love Scandinavian design.

Want to make smoothies without a recipe?

I’d like to live in this ‘shed,’ please.

This is sweet. Cedar Riverside is a neighborhood here in the Twin Cities with a large Somali and Eritrean population. The girls’ basketball team just got their own culturally-appropriate uniforms!

Well, this is awesome/a nightmare come true: a glass floor in the Eiffel tower. Puuuuuke!Inspirational lady from history: Bike Tourer Wendy Law Suart

In 1946, nice young Australian ladies didn’t travel, as Wendy Law Suart (left) and her friend Shirley Duncan (right) wanted to do. No, they got jobs, as Suart told The Age in a 2008 interview.
“Then you’d meet a fellow, you’d get married and have kids, and then when you’re 50 or 60 and the kids were off your hands, you might think about going abroad,” Suart said. “Shirley said, ‘I don’t want to climb the pyramids when I’m 50; I want to go now’.”This album of Bruce Springsteen covers is great.

I ate these evvvvvery day during my three weeks in Stockholm. They’re so, so good.

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