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How was your Valentine’s week, guys? Are you all loved up? Or totally sick of all the pink and red? My guy and I celebrated in our favorite way: a mini road trip with diners and thrift stores and um, inadvertently staying in Minnesota’s most haunted hotel. Puuuuuke! I’ll let you know how it goes.If I don’t die of fright.

Links for you!

Over on Facebook, we’re sharing our worst/best/most embarrassing dating stories. Starting with how I dated a guy (for 2.5 years!) who looked like me. The comments and stories are amazing!

$78 nail polish?

Like Cher’s feather pen in Clueless but for 2015.

What if those terrible breakup texts were art?

A pretty DIY for a gold brushstroke vase.

Ever wanted to sell everything and move to a different country? (I’ve done it five times!) Here’s one woman’s how and why.

Related: how to rent a cottage in Sweden.

Is this a bikini? Is it lingerie? A sexy shirt thing?

Related: affordable luxury lingerie brand, Naja, is changing the lives of women through their Underwear for Hope program.

Also related: mythbusting the long term travel lifestyle.
Myth 8: Angie is really brave.
This one blows my mind more than any other, because I would never, ever, ever consider myself brave. I do a lot of crazy stuff now and then to get a good story, but I’m always scared to death. My knees knock, I feel lightheaded, I sweat profusely… and that’s just for karaoke! I can’t tell you how many times in the past two years I’ve questioned my own sanity.

I think all of you who are raising kids and working on marriages are brave. I’ve always thought of myself as taking the easy way out of adulthood… skipping bills and mortgages and oil changes and pest control appointments in favor of an on-the-go, extended adolescence. Hats off to the real brave grown-ups out there.
Things to eat/bake/put in my face: creamy cilantro lime dressinggnocchi verde (use up that frozen spinach!), zucchini noodles 10 ways.

Literary Quotes That Double As Excellent Mantras During A Final Set (Or: Things I Have Whispered Quietly To Myself At The Gym)


Things you shouldn’t give a shit about anymore. I’m co-signed to “Accruing financial wealth for any other purpose than affording myself the freedom to choose how I spend my days.”

Working on the Road is insaaaaanely helpful for those of us interested in living and working from anywhere that has an internet connection!

I love to spend Sunday evening getting ready for the coming week. Here’s a list of little things you can do to make life easier on Monday.

An idea whose time has come: napping pods in airports.

What’s it like to be a single mom living with mental illness? My childhood friend shares her story here.

I rarely have moments when life seems perfectly clear and obvious. The struggles I have on a daily basis are in my mind. My mind is typically racing in a million ways, with a million thoughts. I’d say my biggest struggles are trust and fear. These are personal downfalls I hope to overcome because I can’t do everything myself. I do trust a few people, but I need to develop an even greater sense of trust. Fear seems to run my life; the constant voices in my mind tell me something horrible is going to happen. My psychologist says that my anxiety helps me be a more cautious person, which can be both positive and detrimental.

An open letter to my HIV.

My friend Rachel is single-handedly making Cosmo smart and read-worthy. Her piece about straight girls who like lesbian porn is super interesting.
As queer porn producer Courtney Trouble puts it: “I will watch anybody hump. As long as there is a wide shot of people humping, I don’t care what gender they are. The movement is what triggers the porn reaction.”

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kristin | W [H] A T C H

napping pods at airports, yes please. also, if you don't have complimentary to your airline's lounge, you can typically buy a day pass for $50. there is free food, internet, quiet, and in major hubs showers and sometimes beds. airport lounges have saved my life more than once.

Kristel Kayser

Thank you for mentioning my post on how I sold everything and moved to Spain, Sarah 🙂 I truly appreciate it and I LOVE your blog.
Big hugs from Bali (umm no, I can't stand still)
xxo Kristel


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