May I feature you in a True Story interview?

Guys! I’m filling in this spring and summer’s editorial calendar like a type-A nerd and I’m looking for more True Story interviews!

Is this you or anyone you know? 

* I’m a sex addict
* I’m a sanitation worker
* I was a bully
* I am/was an Olympian
* I left my husband of 30+ years
* My husband is transitioning to being a woman (or vice versa)
* I’m a straight guy and my mom is my best friend
* I work in the oil fields of North Dakota
* I work at Disneyland
* I was a child star
* My fiance called off our wedding after we’d sent out the invitations
* I’m a celebrity impersonator
* I was a teenage runaway
* I married my teacher/professor
* I live + work in a town of fewer than 500 people

Interviewees always have the option of remaining anonymous. 

And honestly? If you’ve got an amazing story to share that hasn’t been covered in previous interviews I’d love to hear from you! Have a look through my archives (or just google “Yes and Yes True Story: [your topic]”) and if we don’t have an interview, I might be keen!

Is there an interview you’d like to see or someone you know who I should interview? Let me know in the comments!

Send me your story at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

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I'm currently living and working in an isolated northern community of about 950 people — not 500, but close.


My cousin, Charlise (, lives in an RV with her five kids…it’s a small space, but somehow they make it work? It might be interesting to read/learn about, especially if you ask her about her kids’ frog that got lost…in the RV. I don’t think it’s been found yet.


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