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How was your week, friends? I’ve been ghostwriting a book, dog sitting my guy’s weird little goat-dog, and weeping over the apparent demise of my beloved Roomba. So, you know, prettttty eventful round these parts!

Links for you!

A blog I’m really enjoying: Thrift Me Pretty.

In case you wanted to buy me a St. Patrick’s day gift, I’d be preeeeetty happy with one of these jellyfish airplants.

Things to eat/bake/cook: rainbow spring rolls, summer squash and zucchini lasagna, warm and comforting acorn squash breakfast porridge.

Also: how to make perfect nachos.

Have you been watching Fresh Off The Boat? It’s based on celebrity chef Eddie Huang’s memoir and he’s not 100% thrilled with it.

“This is a HISTORIC network-television show inspired by your life, and it’s going to get Americans excited about us. It’s never going to be the book; it’s never going to be Baohaus. It’s Panda Express,and you know what? Orange chicken gets America really excited about Chinese people in airports.”

The Web Of Good News – what a lovely idea!

A whole blog devoted to tiny houses. Tiny House Swoon, indeed!

Paper incense, you say?

I love this idea! Sara lets people stay in the studio apartment in her building for free – in exchange for some sort of barter or trade. Help out around the house, paint, write, everybody’s got a useful skill! If you’d like a little vacation to a tiny village in Yorkshire, get in touch!

A cat + tea cafe! In San Francisco. Obviously.

I love this. All the feelings it is possible to feel, indexed.

The anger specific to reading Joyce Carol Oates’ Twitter feed

Bread and crying

Too high up in a building

Spending too much money online but not returning anythingIsn’t this purse gorgeous?

I don’t particularly care about washi tape. And yet ….

I can 100% empathize with this. When I first moved back to America I was as “WHY IS BACON $5?!!” The cost of things in the U.S. after living away for 14 years

Brussels sprouts ($10)
“Brussels sprouts!” my friends say when we meet at a Clinton Hill bar, “let’s get Brussels sprouts!” I’m confused: The last time I ate them in America, Brussels sprouts were foul miniature cabbages that my mother served without ceremony or enthusiasm on midweek dinner plates. Truths: roasting does them good, as does good olive oil and sea salt. And yet: every time another small plate of sprouts is set on a table or bar before me, I wonder if there’s a cabal of American farmers and moms behind it.

Tricks to make a tiny living room look awesome!

Can we re-brand our entire state as a ‘north’ instead of ‘midwest’?

Spicy honey? Into it.

Homosexuality is illegal in Papua New Guinea and punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Thankfully, the country’s gay and transgender community are finding safety and support in a sleepy, seaside village.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, friends!



As a temporary European expat in America I have to agree with that lady especially on the health insurance thing!! In Greece health provision is kind of free…they keep money from your salary that goes into healthcare and then if you do want to have a private insurance as well (trust me, you do) it starts at about 1200 euros per year!!


No way!! Thank you so much for the Thrift Me Pretty shout out, Sarah!! And I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying the blog. 🙂 MUCH love. xoxox Stasia


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