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How was your week, guys? I had some friends over for dinner (I made this and it was amaaaazing), experienced The Blue Door‘s make-your-own grilled cheese menu, and attended a friend’s Wrestlemania party which obviously had themed food.Links for you!

I’ve got space for a few more hookup offers and hookup requests in April’s Network of Nice! Send 100ish words about your non-Google-able, non-promotional hookup and I’ll include you. I’m sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

I see people called out on social media and blogs constantly. I’ve been called out myself (for justifiable reasons) on several occasions. Some thoughts on that.

What makes call-out culture so toxic is not necessarily its frequency so much as the nature and performance of the call-out itself. Especially in online venues like Twitter and Facebook, calling someone out isn’t just a private interaction between two individuals: it’s a public performance where people can demonstrate their wit or how pure their politics are. Indeed, sometimes it can feel like the performance itself is more significant than the content of the call-out. This is why “calling in” has been proposed as an alternative to calling out: calling in means speaking privately with an individual who has done some wrong, in order to address the behaviour without making a spectacle of the address itself.
My favorite Instagram of late.Have you ever wondered why photographers charge so much? Here’s why.

Faux taxidermy. Cute!

A food magazine for gluttons.

What advice would your 80-year-old self give you?

Celebrating my friend Ellen’s new workbook series- The Unlocked Academy— lessons in grit, nerve, courage and creating a career that you love. The first Workbook is free!
Cute t-shirts that benefit charities. Into it!

Now that it’s nearly Memorial Day we can wear these, right?

Let’s make fermented berries.

A great interview with our collective girlfriends, Abbi and Ilana of Broad City fame. (And in case you were wondering, no. They don’t want to get stoned with you.)

I CANNOT EVEN STAND HOW SEXY THESE SHOES ARE. (I don’t know how to walk in them but that’s beside the point.)

Yes. On the importance of Leslie Knope, friendship, and feminism.
Leslie Knope is the traditionally “difficult” woman, where “difficult” means that misogynist jerks don’t want to deal with women like her. She is outspoken and passionate and she doesn’t want to take no for an answer when a “yes” can mean that people’s lives get better. Ben doesn’t just accept those things about Leslie — he loves her for them. Ben is a nerdy male feminist, one of the few I’ve ever seen portrayed in popular media, and he loves his wife and supports her no matter what. It’s not just that they have a love of politics in common — they are a team and he’s just as willing to give up something for her as she is for him.

Fascinating! 1 person, 2 sets of DNA!

My 19-year-old self is totally into these. Are they cute? Or weird? Or both?

I love the idea of outfit formulas (mine’s sundress + boots or bright skinnies + loose top + ballet flats)

Oscar outfits as illustrated with … Q-tips?

For those of us who care about cat scratching posts that match our decor.

If you’ve got a kiddo’s birthday coming up: Science Party Favors: Expanding Soap Experiment.

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In a similar-ish vein as human chimeras: when a person gets a stem cell transplant, they now only have the donor's DNA. A friend of mine's donor was her brother. The family joke is wondering if she'll commit a crime and then pin it on him, after all genetically it'll be his blood.

There's probably a Law & Order episode on this. If there isn't, someone please make it happen.


My overly active cat would rip that scratching post apart in no time. In my opinion, staples and electric tape are not strong enough.


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