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How was your week, guys?
I’ve been showing my LA friends around town – they’re amazed by how nice everyone is! My dude and I saw this movie (fantastic!) and this awesome, creepy performance. This weekend I’m up north with my family, enjoying snowshoeing and not enjoying ice fishing.Links for you!

You guys! This Calvin Klein bra is suuuuper sexy, sort of comfortable-looking, and it’s only $36!

Would you ever marry …. yourself?
In the short time since this ceremony, I’ve felt myself standing up and speaking up more powerfully, and from a more grounded place in my being. My friends have shared that they feel me in a deeper embodiment of my power, and more devoted to my big vision for the world. I feel more confident, calm and focused. It’s been game-changing.

Have you heard of the pearl diving mermaids of Japan? (a bit NSFW)

BOOKMARKBOOKMARKBOOKMARK! The Nomad List breaks down the cost per month for life in various cities around the world – perfect for self-employed types! It also tells you the current temperature, internet speed and tons of other helpful info. I cannot wait to dig into this and plan trips to Argentina and Merida!

We’ve all heard of men who travel to Southeast Asia for sex tourism. Apparently, Kenya has ‘romance tourism’ catering to western women.

I loved Catherine’s essay on how she’s learned to love her ‘worst’ feature.

As a very experienced jello shot maker, I need this book.

If you, too, say “yes and yes” to things these earrings are for you.

If you’re a writer who submits things to literary publications, contests, and fellowships you’ll love Literistic.

My grown up Easter dress.

Discuss: The upper middle class is ruining America

Even more egregious is the way that upper-middle-class NIMBY-ism pushes for strict land-use restrictions that drive working- and lower-middle-class people out of the country’s most desirable and productive cities, as Timothy B. Lee of Vox reminds us. We see this most vividly in affluent suburbs, where the local public schools are just as exclusive as elite private schools, and where high home prices do the work of high private school tuitions.You know that Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) is from the Midwest, right? And he loves Wisconsin food?
I’m really fond of the scene in Madison. [Madisonians] seem like a group of bubbly, peaceful, artistic, vibrant people with open minds and excellent beer-cheese. And meat. Meat and whiskey.

Are you better suited for traveling alone or in a group?

And a few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to become a freelance writer, The epic difference between ‘want to’ and ‘have to,’ How to deal when your life is in shambles.



I spent a night at the resort where some of the pictures for the 'romance travel' in Kenya were taken. It was the single weirdest night of my life.


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