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How was your week guys? My guy and I continued our quest to eat at every supper club in Minnesota/Wisconsin (and Jensen’s was awesome, for the record.) On Friday, some friends and I roadtripped deep into Southeastern Minnesota for an amazing bluegrass concert. It was held above a general store in a town of 200 people – totally magical!

Links for you!

A super interesting read about race, fashion, class, and labels.

My mother is a child of poverty; I am a child of the working-class struggle. She needs her talismans, her high-end upmarket logos, to make her feel as if she is of worth. I was taught to fear them, to believe that obtaining them would bring about financial ruin. I’ve jokingly told many friends that I’m glad I grew up working-class instead of rich, middle class, or poor because it has made me so paranoid about money that I’ll never purchase designer labels.A fascinating interview with bikini bodybuilders.

A cute wall hanging DIY. (I think mine would say “Stop refreshing Twitter and go outside.”)

Things to cook/bake/eat/drink: vegan bbq lentils with millet ‘polenta,’ jalapeno ginger lime spritzers, roasted veggie pitas with avocado dip.

Are you watching Empire? (Dur, YES.) Just like everyone, I love Jamal and Cookie and I’m so enjoying all the Shakespearean references. If you’re dorking out over it too, you’ll like this article:

Everyone Keeps Comparing Empire to King Lear, But The Lion in Winter Is Its True Predecessor

Oh, goodness I love this necklace.I looooove Airbnb. If you’ve never used it before and aren’t sure how, my friend Kristin’s post will help.

I can’t even stand how awesome this cat t-shirt is.

A song that’s stuck in my head – and those lyrics! Ooof!

Brunch weddings? YES PLEASE.

New fancy life goal: own a “pied-a-terre” (a little apartment in the city to complement your big house in the country). I’d take this one to start.

A pretty, Spring-y dress.

And I love how vintage-y this skirt looks.

Tim Gunn belongs on my short list of celebrities I’d give a kidney to (other members of that list are Dolly Parton and Richard Simmons). I loved this piece about Mr. Gunn’s Sunday rituals, a day he devotes to “healing and repair.”

McSweeney’s takes on the wage gap.
Oh, you do have kids? Well, we’re concerned about your ability to balance everything and you look really tired all the time and I feel guilty asking you to stay late so I just ask good old Tom who’s a great guy and simple and easy to talk to.

A sweet, candid photo.

Could you give up your car? An interview with a young family who did!

Do you work in the corporate world? Here’s a ribbon for you.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: True Story: I’m a roadie, 7 Totally Amazing Magazines We Should All Be Reading, You’re Probably Not The Exception To The Rule (And That’s Totally Okay)



I once went to a brunch wedding! My friends were not (and are not) big drinkers nor are they people who like to dance. So the wedding was at 10am and then there was a ridiculously fancy brunch to follow. It was lovely. They had it at the atrium in a performing arts center and there was a little jazz band playing standards. We were all 22 when they got married so it all felt very fancy and grown up.

And, even better, when we all took advantage of the unlimited mimosas, our friends were rid of us and we could continue our party at the dive bar down the road. 😀

Sarah Bishop

re: giving up the car

I have been car less going on………2 years I think. I'm in a city with a fairly decent public transportation system so that helps greatly. Coworkers always seem shocked by this but other than the freaking out the first few weeks it's been alright.

The best part is bus routes sometimes pull you through neighborhoods you'd never been in so you find new hidden treasures of shops and restaurants that you never would have before traveling main highways.

My new favorite summer activity is one I pulled from your blog, bus roulette. It's been a great way to explore the greater downtown areas.


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