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How was your week, guys? My BFF is in town from Santa Fe so we’ve been eating and drinking and gossiping up a storm. And I signed a lease for a new place! With hexagon tiles in the bathroom, a farm sink, AND A TIKI BAR IN THE BACKYARD! So I guess this is the last time I’ll ever move.

Links for you!

We Are The Youth is such an important site; it shares the stories of LGBTQ youth in America.

Even since coming out, I am still more conservative than a lot of college students about sex and sex acts. I had a phase where I experimented, but I’d never say it was whorish or slutty. I had to think, it’s not legal for me to get married, so what is marriage for us? I decided it’s when two people are completely devoted to each other. It’s completely exclusive. I plan on not having serious sexual relations with someone until I get to that point. I think this cuts down on the drama and makes emotional detachment a lot easier, and I think it makes sex more special. My grandmother always raised me to be a Southern gentleman. She kept pennies in her purse and anytime I said “yes, ma’am” or “no, ma’am” or held a door, she gave me a penny. I am a gentleman, and I think that intimidates some guys.A great was to explain sexual consent.

Let’s all make lemon broccoli pasta! Also: organic, raw coconut macaroons made here in MSP? Into it.

I usually prefer cooking over baking; I’m resentful about having to follow a recipe so closely! But I loved Joy’s tips about how to be a better baker.

A pretty printable to help us manage that work/life balance we’re always chasing!

A pretty clutch.

A hotel room turned gooooorgeous efficiency apartment.

I loved Sarah’s honest post about her desire to be alone in a house of toddlers.

As though we needed another reason to love Robyn! She’s launching a festival to promote women in technology. Here’s hoping the festival also includes her famous ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ backwards somersault.

Do you use TripAdvisor? (I’m more of a Roadtrippers girl when it comes to domestic travel) but there’s no denying the power of that site. Can you trust the reviews?

Mount McKinley, Alaska
(5 bubbles) “An excellent mountain. Beautiful and majestic.”
“Loved the pure beauty, the surrounding glaciers, mountain ranges and heaps of snow. Nothing to dislike unless you do not like snow or beauty.”
(3 bubbles) “Denali Park big disappointment.”
“I was expecting animals running around everywhere…. Not going to happen. When you do see them you will usually need binoculars…. You can sit in your home and see much more on a TV screen [than] you will ever see there.”

I’m weirdly into maintaining my cutting boards and wooden spoons. A recipe for ‘board butter.’

What’s it like to have a squirrel as a pet?

Related: felt cat toys that look like junk food.

Let’s add Josephine Baker to our list of Women In History I Wish I’d Known.

During World War II, Baker was recruited by French Military Intelligence and worked as a honorable correspondent who collected information she could about German troop locations from officials she met at parties that she would be write in invisible ink on her sheet music! She was adamant about not performing in countries that didn’t support Free France or remained neutral, even if it meant giving up major billings.


SO INSANELY HELPFUL! Photo jargon explained.

Do you guys have an official Date Night? Every Thursday my guy and I do something ‘special’ (previous date nights have included bingo, roller skating, a miniature train museum.) I loved Anna’s post about 24 Date Night ideas that are all under $10!

And if you appreciate my taste in links, I’m always sharing good ones (different than what you see here) over on Twitter – let’s be friends!


Tricia K

Urgh I can't stand people's comments like the one you quoted from TripAdvisors. I live and work in Denali as a seasonal worker. Some people think they are in a zoo. I think they forget it's a wild national forest. I had one guest ask, "when do they let the animals out?" Really???? I told her, "here at Denali, we actually let the people out as the park belongs to the animals." Then she got it.


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