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Summer in Minnesota Time-Lapse from Chad Halvorson on Vimeo.

How was your week guys? I’m mostly buried under a pile of moving boxes and work, but I found time for pizza and beer with friends and Saturday night bowling.Links!

We’ve got plenty of space in next month’s Network of Nice! If you need a (non-Google-able, non-promotional) hookup, send me 100-ish words! If you could provide a hookup, send me 100ish words! I’m sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

What do 480 days of paternity leave look like? Heartwarming.Last month, we started a Facebook thread about the cheap, life changing products we’re obsessed with. I continue to be obsessed with Old Navy Rockstar Jeans and Revlon lip butter. We also collectively love:
Target’s seamless underwear ($5)
Ikea milk frother ($2)
Lip Smacker Dr. Pepper (three pack for $9)
E.l.f. liquid eyeliner ($5)
Flowers from Trader Joes ($5)
The entire Color Pop cosmetics line
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strength clear coat ($5)
JC Penney’s padded no-show ballet flat socks ($12 for 2)

I am bizarrely obsessed with never getting junk mail again. Thus, I love the app Paper Karma. You take a photo of your junk mail and they’ll unsubscribe you. For free!

What if you made Rice Krispies bars with POTATO CHIPS??!!


Great suggestions for finding designer deals on Craigslist. (Something this article doesn’t mention that I swear by: the IFTTT Craiglist recipe.)

Good lord. How much would you pay for a HAUNTED DOLL?

People are listing glass-eyed demons that may contain an evil spirit, a vengeful poltergeist, an age-old curse, or just the devil himself within their fragile porcelain shell. The dolls don’t come cheap, though: One possessed troll doll sold for $1,400. So if you’re hoping for a doll that will transfer their evil murderous spirit into your flesh vessel and go on a killing spree, get ready to pay top dollar.
If you’re not sure if you should post something on social media, this flow chart will help.A round-up of the teenage bedrooms we see on tv and in movies.

Animals licking windows.

Remember, if you’re interested in my ‘Yes! Daily’ app but you have an Android, I’ve got a Pinterest board filled with the daily reminders.

A beautifully written, moving essay about …. Taco Bell?

Black sesame cupcakes! Intriguing!

Fascinating! Is it possible that humans couldn’t see the color blue till recent times?

He studied Icelandic sagas, the Koran, ancient Chinese stories, and an ancient Hebrew version of the Bible. Of Hindu Vedic hymns, he wrote: “These hymns, of more than ten thousand lines, are brimming with descriptions of the heavens. Scarcely any subject is evoked more frequently. The sun and reddening dawn’s play of color, day and night, cloud and lightning, the air and ether, all these are unfolded before us, again and again … but there is one thing no one would ever learn from these ancient songs … and that is that the sky is blue.”

I’m obsessed with Russia and I’m a feminist. Thus, I love Baba Yaga’s guide to feminism.
Suffering from a spring cold? Homemade vapor rub!

Did you know that Keira Knightley put herself on an ‘allowance’ of $50,000 a year?

“I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle,” she says. “It alienates you. Some of my best, most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places.”



A beautifully written, moving essay about Taco Bell???? OK, I have to read that. Because I LOVE Taco Bell!


Oh man, I bought a pair of Old Navy jeans ~1 year ago when I had gained some weight. And they are the cheapest, most poorly made pants I've ever purchased. It seems they never reinforced the top waist band, and so it just scrunches down, and the belt loops squish. It looks just awful. I know you love your Old Navy jeans, but maybe that's only for a certain body type?

Sarah Von Bargen

Interesting! I'm pretty hour-glassy and I know they didn't work for a friend of mine who's more 'apple-y.' I've also found that some of the Rockstars have a lot of spandex in them (the colored ones) and some don't seem to have any (the more traditional denim ones).

If you find a brand you love, I'd love to hear about 'em!


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