Two Clever, Slightly Gross Makeup Tricks

gross makeup tricks

Before you read this, you should know that I am not in any way, shape or form a makeup or beauty expert. I mean, when strapped for space I use a three-product makeup bag.

That being said, who doesn’t love makeup tips? Especially tips for those of us who are lazy/slightly gross/still figuring out how to apply liquid liner?

Is that you? Welcome to the club! I’m the acting president. You can be the treasurer if you want.

1. If you don’t have concealer, use the foundation around the neck of the bottle

Yes, that thick, slightly dried up foundation that’s built up around the neck of your Covergirl Outlast. Why? Since it’s dried out the color is more concentrated, so it’ll give you “fuller coverage” (read: cover up zits.)

2. Use your ‘lip balm finger’ to moisturize your cuticles

You know what I mean: when you apply lip balm from a pot or use your finger to scoop out the last of your lipstick, you’re left with a greasy finger. My inclination is usually to wipe it on my jeans (GROSS. DON’T.) but you know what’s way better? Rubbing that smidge of leftover lip balm or lipstick into your cuticles. Both your jeans and your cuticles will appreciate it.

Obviously, this doesn’t really work with matte or super pigmented lipsticks. Then you’ll just have weird magenta fingers.

Tell me your weird beauty tips! I also shave with conditioner and moisturize with grapeseed oil!

P.S. In case you care, the two beauty products I won’t shut up about: this eyeliner and this $7 lipstick.

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“lazy/slightly gross/still figuring out how to apply liquid liner”–it’s like you’re looking into my soul.

I am the queen of multi-taskers. I realized that my favorite shampoo had the same ingredients as my favorite body wash (probably in different amounts but still.) so I use the shampoo for both things. I definitely use my conditioner for shaving. I also like makeup that cuts out steps so I love BB creams and I just started using this: It does all the things! In one step!


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