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I’m on a six-week road trip around the U.S. and Canada (you can follow along on Instagram) so I’ve asked some of my favorite internet friends to fill in while I’m out and about!

Hi! My name is Tami Hackbarth and I teach 100% guilt-free self-care. My philosophy is simple: I like to make things as easy as possible. I keep practices simple, useful and something clients can do on their own. I am looking to work with clients who want to do things differently in order to feel differently.

Links for you!

The Secret to Being a Happy Classroom Teacher from Teacher Goes Back to School. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a teacher.

Raise your hand if you dread bathing suit shopping… Stasia from Thrift Me Pretty tells the tale of how she slayed that dragon in The 4 Things I Learned When I Went Bathing Suit Shopping.

Struggle to make lasting changes in your life? Especially when it is about taking care of you? Rosie Molinary challenges us all to rethink our behavior in You Can Always Make A Different Choice.

Do you have the relationship with food that you always feel good about? Me either. Nikki Stern asks What’s Food Got to Do With It?  

I am traveling to northern Northern California this summer with my family to celebrate our 20th dating anniversary. We are in search of cooler temperatures, the Pacific Ocean and the peaceful, deeply nourishing presence of redwood trees. Jennifer Snyder writes about taking the long way in Highways, Byways, and Staring Up at Giants.

If We Are Not Busy, Are We Worthy? Nicole from Life Less Bullshit nails it.

Want to get more done and finally get your business off the ground? Racheal from The Yogipreneur is hosting another round of the Fired Up and Focused Challenge – 21 super actionable productivity challenges – totally FREE — only catch is you have to sign up before the end of May.

A positive story on adoption – Open Adoption and What It Means on This Mother’s Day from Jessica Murnane.

Body acceptance doesn’t mean you never change. To me, it means you tune into your body’s current needs and meet them based on moving, eating and otherwise nourishing yourself in ways that work for you — not based only on the scale like, I, for one, did for decades.  — Put Down The Hammer from Anna at Curvy Yoga.

I am deciding between this and this for my new work uniform.

Easy, delicious, mostly plant-based tested and my family approved recipes

The most binge-watchable show full of interesting, smart, adorable women that you probably aren’t watching… yet.

My secret weapon for my daily meditation practice.

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy? Why does it matter?

These earrings come with a compliment included. What could be better than that you ask? A scholarship for low-income girls? Yes, yes it’s true.

Thanks so much for sharing your favorite links, Tami!


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