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How was your weekend, guys? On Thursday, I’m leaving for a six-week, 9,000-mile road trip around the U.S. and Canada (blog post to come about what I’m packing/eating/using) so I’m mostly finishing up last minute work and trying to remember that THEY HAVE THAT WHERE YOU’RE GOING SARAH YOU DON’T NEED FIVE TUBES OF MASCARA. I’m so used to packing in tiny bags for remote destinations, it’s hard to remember that if I need new socks on the trip, I can just buy them. Because they have Targets in Idaho, too.

Anyway. Links for you!

Gah! Isn’t this one-piece swimsuit sexy?

Oh! Tips for business travel (though a lot of them are helpful for any traveler).

Have you heard of a ‘thirst trap’? Apparently, it’s when you post sexy selfies in hopes of seeing who ‘likes’ them, thus outing the people with crushes on you. Should you just embrace it?

Oooo! Pretty helmets! (I particularly like the wood grain one)

Sweet, water-activated street art in rainy Seattle.

Drinking collagen allegedly makes your skin amazing. Would you drink it?

An interesting piece on our increasingly ‘shut in’ society when we’re all working from home and ordering in.

The place is stuffed with the goodies they bring: Amazon Prime boxes sitting outside doors, evidence of the tangible, quotidian needs that are being serviced by the web. The humans who live there, though, I mostly never see. And even when I do, there seems to be a tacit agreement among residents to not talk to one another.

Well, this is adorable. A book with sweet, mix-and-match DIY fortune cookie slips … and two recipes for fortune cookies!

New life goal: a ‘country home’ in rural Germany.

I’ll also take a beach house in the south of France.

Ahhhh! Tiny gardens as necklaces!

Leave it to Sam to write with humor and honesty about spreading her dad’s ashes, in a post titled “I’m taking my dead dad on vacation.”

These sweet, pastel paintings make me think of my childhood on a lake in rural Minnesota. (cough birthday gift cough)

Reminder: ‘because I want to’ is a perfectly legitimate reason to do almost anything.

Love this idea for travel – a scarf that actually acts as a purse!

I love Shirley Jackson’s creepy short stories, so of course I loved this: How To Tell If You’re In A Shirley Jackson Story

4. You dislike washing yourself, and dogs, and noise. You like your sister Constance, and Richard Plantagenet, and Amanita phalloides, the death cap mushroom.
5. You are being driven slowly but inexorably mad by a society determined to crush your spirit while smiling blandly as it offers you tea.
6. You care nothing for your family but are extraordinarily fond of, and protective toward, the jam jars in the basement.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: How to overcome writer’s (or any kind of creative) block, How to give a great compliment, How to turn your passion into a business.



They say to book the window seat and have your traveling companion book the aisle seat to get a row to yourself, because it is unlikely that someone will book the middle. If it's in the front of the plane, I'm gonna be that person who books it. This goes double if people try to pull this trick on Southwest, where there is no assigned seating. I still can sit in that middle seat, no matter how many dirty looks you give me.

Sam Bard

Bahahah! It's totally my first impulse when shopping before a trip to buy at least 10 pounds of coffee 😉 Living overseas really ruins ya for life!


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