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 I’m on a six-week road trip around the U.S. and Canada (you can follow along on Instagram) so I’ve asked some of my favorite internet friends to fill in while I’m out and about!

Also! I’ve got space in June’s Network of Nice for your request or offer! Do you want to make new friends in your city? Need career advice? Looking for beta testers or interviewees? Send me 50-ish words about your non-Google-able, non-promotional hookup and I’ll introduce you to my readers!

I bought Frazey Ford’s new Album (they’re still called that right?!) before this track had even finished playing. Its an incredibly soulful, bluesy, arse-kicking work of aural art. Totally my soundtrack for the summer.

Hello lovely peeps! I’m Sas – a big-hearted and bullshit-free cognitive coach who shows you how to experience a life of love, meaning and joy by thinking on purpose. More goodness here.

grew up in New Zealand and have lived in England for the last 13 years. Smitten with Britain? Check out: Very British Problems on the twits.  And listen to Mark Steel’s In Town – a brilliant radio series showcasing the eccentric best of British with a live local audience.

Hilary Mantel writes beautifully about the British monarchy, and its place in our history.

This is the best Obituary I have ever read: Peter Scott, cat burglar‘I gave all my money to head waiters and tarts’.

It turns out a Pap Rap serves as excellent motivation to book one’s next smear.

Books As Therapy via the fabulous London-based School of Life.

Sara Seinberg writes with a rare ferocity about weight loss: ‘The most effective way I have found to lose weight so far in my life was doing a ton of crystal meth.’

Thea Monyee’  writes A Living Poem: How Bearing Witness to the Murder of Black Boys Has Changed Me.

Do you read Brain Pickings? Founder Maria Popova’s recent interview with Krista Tippet is glorious.

Hadley Freeman’s new book is a heartfelt tribute to the unparalleled glory of 80s movies. This is why.

Speaking of: let’s just remind ourselves of the seventy six seconds that justify the existence of Kevin Costner. And the one hundred and four second equivalent for Tom ‘Xenu-made-me-do-it’ Cruise.

On staying together: Fifteen Ways to Stay Married for Fifteen Years by Lydia Netzer.

And breaking up: Sofie Calle: Take care of yourself – French artist Calle invited 107 women of different backgrounds and professions (including a psychoanalyst, a forensic psychiatrist, a Talmudic scholar, a judge, an etiquette consultant, a social worker and a copy editor) to read and interpret the email from her boyfriend ending their relationship. Calle created an exhibition displaying the myriad of interpretations of the text: ‘To analyze it, comment on it, dance it, sing it. Dissect it. Exhaust it. Understand it for me. Answer for me. It was a way of taking the time to break up. A way to take care of myself’.

Yay feminism! Have you peaked at Vagenda?

Who can resist something soft and purry? Andreanne Lupien’s portraits of cat people are all kinds of awesome.


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