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You guys, I’m baaack! Six weeks and 9,000 miles later, I’m back in Minneapolis. My road trip was fantastic – I caught up with so many friends, met long-time clients I’d only ever seen on Skype, and listened to one million podcasts.

I also dog-earred five or six amazing places I need to see more of (I’m looking at you, Wonder Valley and Thousand Islands). Thank you to everyone who followed along with my adventures on Instagram and thanks to all my lovely Web Time Waster guest curators!

Now, links from me to you.

Watermelon St. Germain slush?! UM YES PLEASE.

The reality about living the life you want.

Do you care about ethical clothing? Here’s a great, exhaustive roundup of ethical, socially conscious lingerie and underwear manufacturers. How cute are these bralettes?!

Being assertive affects your finances. Here are 16 ways to be assertive about bills, prices, money (without being a jerk)

An epiphany that’s probably obvious to everyone other than me: If you’re too tired to do anything other than watch tv or surf the internet – go the eff to bed. 

Can Iceland’s blue lagoon cure your ennui? 
And now I was in Iceland, floating in the Blue Lagoon, on a trip that had depleted the remainder of my savings (and then some, thanks to a massive miscalculation at a Reykjavik ATM). I was flying home the next day. The need for an epiphany, clarity, guidance — anything — felt more urgent than ever. So I did what any sane person would do: I asked the water for help.

I didn’t say any words out loud, but I concentrated all my energy into one question, envisioning my plea reverberating out through the lagoon, and the water bringing an answer back to me.

“What is my life purpose?”

I’m co-signed on all these: 6 tips for a happy, healthy home. Grace is right, nothing is too precious to use.

I taught English in Taiwan for a year and a half when I was in my mid-twenties (highly recommended, I worked with Hess and loved them). So fun to see this stylish travel guide for Taipei!

A tour of a tiny apartment and a tour of a tiny house. Three cheers for small!

Important: an apology letter to my body.

This gorgeous dress is only $36. Is there a catch?

I love this! How to improve your emotional intelligence.

For all those fellow try-hards: let whatever you’ve done today be enough.

A pretty clutch that’s out of my price range (but I bet I could thrift something similar)

In light of all the last few weeks in our country: free speech vs. harassment – a quick guide.
If someone blocks you (or just doesn’t reply) when you send them messages telling them they’re an idiot, or if they report you when you send threats, they’re not shutting down your free speech. They’re just refusing to engage with assholes.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: The Optimist Songbook, 5 things to do when you fail, True Story: I survived hurricane Katrina

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