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How was your week, friends? I showed off my backyard tiki bar for the first time (to just one friend – the backyard’s not cute enough for groups or Instagram yet!) I’ve also started luring my friends into walking around Lake Nokomis with me when we meet for coffee, rather than just sitting in the coffee shop – there’s something about moving that makes the conversation better!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you, internet. 

I found so many awesome videos and songs for you guys!
1. A persistent baby goat who reallllly wants to headbutt this horse
2. A bike-riding raccoon
3. This song encapsulates my party-exiting philosophy
4. This song is for summer rooftops
5. This teenage girl is a phenomenal beat boxer

I love stories of people living intentional lives – even better if they’re here in my own city. Skyway Mom moved her family of four from the suburbs into culturally diverse, walkable downtown St. Paul.

Such a cute swimsuit!

Risotto made from … sunflower seeds? Tell me more.

I’ve got lots of space in July’s Network of Nice. Do you need a hookup – new friends? professional insight? beta testers? Send me 100-ish words about your non-promotional, un-Google-able hookup and I’ll introduce you to my 12,000+ daily readers!

What. What? I think these are theoretically for kids but I’m all over it.

Over on Instagram, I shared my new trick to win dinner parties and a mug we all need.

Ooooh! Did you know about these Amazon Prime perks?

All I want to wear is jumpsuits this summer.

Say yes to the little things.

Agreed. Can we just, like, get over the way women talk?
At first blush, all of this speaking advice sounds like empowerment. Stop sugarcoating everything, ladies! Don’t hedge your requests! Refuse to water down your opinions! But are women the ones who need to change? If I’m saying something intelligent and all a listener can hear is the way I’m saying it, whose problem is that?

Go camping near NYC! Without a car even!

Say yes to starting.

You’re buying me this book for my birthday, right?

I’ll be trying to win parties with this polka-dot cake.

There’s no such thing as ‘finished’

I loved this essay on the need to tell women they’re beautiful.
I hate that people think that’s what I, or anyone else, wants to hear. That we hinge our self-worth on our own wrapping paper. Sure I lie awake at night feeling bad about myself sometimes, I feel uncomfortable in crowds, or awkward in my own skin—but my reasons are more complex than my low cheekbones. I worry about by intellectual worth, my originality, the strength of my voice, and the relevance of my vision.

Ohhh! I never thought about beautifying my clothes doors!

A mockumentary about the effects of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act on the residents of a small town.

I love tiny houses but even I enjoyed this hilarious post.

A subscription box for hippies and new-age-types.

Hope you had a great weekend, guys!


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