I Seriously Believe Buying Or Selling A Car Is A Feminist Issue

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When Carlister approached me about purchasing a sponsor spot here on Yes & Yes, my initial reaction looked something like this.

And then I remembered what happened when I bought my car.

1. I went to one of those ‘no haggle’ car dealerships that claims they sell everything at blue book value (and then they tried to charge me $1,200 above blue book value)
2. The salesman mentioned three times that he was impressed that I could drive a stick
3. And then he mentioned that he was impressed that I “came to buy a car all by myself”
4. When I got up to leave, instead of standing up to shake my hand HE LEANED BACK IN HIS CHAIR AND PUT HIS HANDS BEHIND HIS HEAD like a 1980s movie villain

I’m 99% sure this is not how he’d treat a man.

And that was just the buying part. What’s going to happen when I sell my car or trade it in? Will it be more of the same? My car has about a year left in it and I’m already dreading the prospect of selling it. Like, I’ve actively looked into those ‘donate for a tax write-off’ programs because I just don’t want to deal with it.

But maybe Carlister can change that.


Now, to be 100% honest – I’ve yet to use Carlister (mostly because I’m still driving the car from the aforementioned douchebag-y dealership) but it looks a million times better than Craiglist. You just upload your VIN and it auto-generates a listing for you! With a vehicle history report! And it costs zero ever loving dollars.

You can read more about how it works here, or just drool over BMWs or a fantasy life that involves a Subaru and a big dog.

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I have had nothing but problems when I go to buy cars, cocky sales men, lies about the price of the car I am trying to trade in and one sales guy who spent the entire time talking to my dad and ignoring me (despite it being MY car, MY purchase.)

I am not a fan of car sales men at all!


OMG, I’ve been thinking about the feminist issue of buying a car A LOT the past couple of weeks. I’m currently looking for a new car, and began my first day of looking in-person last Saturday. Without going into too many details, the salesperson was horrible to me. After telling him two specific models I wanted to test drive, he brought around a — USED car that wasn’t either of the two models I wanted to test!!

There was a female salesperson there, and if I go back to that dealership, I’m asking for her… (I can only imagine what she has to deal with on a daily basis at her job)

I’ve also recently looked at some job ads for dealerships (thinking I could do a way better job that the person who helped me), and basically the words “guy” was all over the ad- “guys can average up to $1000/week here!” “guys can set their own schedule!” “must wear a tie and dress pants to work!” Geez.

I know this post was mainly to plug Car Lister, but I had to vent on this issue! (Which, by the way, I’m going to go check out right now.)


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