Your online life + space need to look pretty (but not the way you think)

This post is brought to you by carefully chosen fonts, tweets that get favorited, the letter G, and Garnishing Co.

garnishing_comessy-desk-775pxWhen I started blogging a million years ago, I felt pretttttty smug about the skill set I was bringing to the table.  Internally, I was rubbing my weirdly small hands together and thinking “I’ve been getting paid to write since I was 20, I worked in marketing and advertising, THIS ISH IS IN THE BAG.”

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

While the writing and idea-ing has come pretty easily to me, I was floored (floored!) by the design aspect of blogging. My posts need to be accompanied by Pinterest-friendly images?! My tweets are 94% more likely to get favorited if I add images?! Fonts matter?! People are more likely to hire me and buy my stuff if my site and social media profiles look polished and professional?!!!! WHHAAAAAAAATTT?!

I just want to (attempt to) write funny, insightful things and then throw some Flickr Creative Commons image up there and call it a day. 

I use a designer for my ebooks and my site design, but I don’t have the time or money for her to design every single thing I do. If you’re serious about your online space you’re probably in the same boat: you know your stuff should be cute and match-y but you’re super busy and not particularly interested in learning PhotoShop.




Allow me to introduce you to our new collective BFF/resource hero: Susannah at Garnishing Co.

She’s gonna show us free tools that simplify graphic design. She’s gonna teach us what a favicon is, why we need one and how to make it. She’s going to give us a whooooole library of design resources and then we’re going to drool over her Instagram account.

So much helpful stuff, guys! Get over there and make your online life pretty!

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Jeannie Miernik

Great resource! Thanks! I’m already doing most of the things recommended… but in kind of a half-assed way. Garnishing Co. has easy lists of things to freshen up. Very helpful.


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