What Nobody Tells You About Working For Yourself

This post is brought to you by less-than-eight-hour works days, streamlined processes, the letter V, and Val Geisler.

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Here is a rather unpleasant reality that nobody tells you about working for yourself:

The work you do – what you do to actually earn money – is only a small component of your business. Literally, it is just a fraction of how you’ll spend your time.

Where does the rest of your time go?
Sending invoices and contracts
Making round after round of edits
Delegating work (and then nervously double checking everything you’ve delegating)
Sourcing photos
Writing, scheduling, and formatting social media updates
Emails forever and ever, amen

All that. In addition to your actual, you know, work.

What we need (and I really do need ’em) are systems. We need a perfect process. We need simple, cheap solutions.

Guys, we need Val Geisler

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Val creates simple solutions for overwhelmed business owners. Her consulting sessions are customized to each client and her ecourses are a steal at $9 and $12. Her course about conquering gmail is free! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter for regular, helpful updates and gentle reminders that, yes, you should probably automate your invoice process and, no, business doesn’t have to be this hard or time consuming.

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