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Flattered to have my advice included here!

As you guys are reading this, my husband and I are on our honeymoon – four months after our wedding. We’re someplace warm-ish, cheap, near the water, with incredible food, in the continental United States and I can promise, you’d never, ever think to go there for a honeymoon. (I’ll blog about, obviously!)

Anyway, while I’m stuffing my face and reading this book, here are fun links for you!

Oooh! I love to see how different people live in and decorate the same space. Crazy how different the same apartment can look!

A really interesting essay about Hillary Clinton.
How long would you make it, if people treated you the way you treat Hillary Clinton? Would you not just be furious, by now? Would you not have reached levels of blood-vessel popping, shit-losing rage, or despair? Because the fact that she’s dealt with it at all, and kept her shit together, is admirable. The fact that she’s been dealing with it for decades, and keeps voluntarily subjecting herself to it, and, knowing exactly how bad it will get, and exactly what we’ll do to her, is running for President again, and (here’s the part I love, the part that I find hard to even wrap my head around) actually winning?To me, that is awe-inspiring.

Ah! Erykah Badu! You’re the best/craziest!
13. My least favorite body part is my colon.

14. My last meal would be toast with margarine.

15. Most people think I’m not capable of starting a bar brawl, but I will.

Hillary wrote wonderfully about being an ‘unremarkable’ child and how it equipped her with a great life philosophy.

What does life look like when you finally lose those last five pounds and achieve the body of your dreams?

This article is really, really not what you think: 3 ways polyamory has helped me have healthier relationships.

An important reminder: most of us can’t ‘see’ the culture we’re part of.
I love the phrase: “you can’t see the label if you are inside the jar.”  …  It can be confusing to try to talk with someone about the label when they don’t even know there is one.

Such a clever idea for decorating huge, empty walls!

Related: I love this shower curtain.

NBD, just a ballroom UNDER A LAKE.

Uh oh. Is this you? I can see a few of these in myself: How to recognize the signs of burn out before you’re burned out.

Note to self: next Christmas.

I am totally fascinated by the concept of Amish friendship bread. Have you ever had any?

Ugh. Yes. So, so true. The things all women know that you don’t know about.
We have all learned, either by instinct or by trial and error, how to minimize a situation that makes us uncomfortable. How to avoid angering a man or endangering ourselves. We have all, on many occasions, ignored an offensive comment. We’ve all laughed off an inappropriate come-on. We’ve all swallowed our anger when being belittled or condescended to.

It doesn’t feel good. It feels icky. Dirty. But we do it because to not do it could put us in danger or get us fired or labeled a bitch. So we usually take the path of least precariousness.

And to end on a lighter note: a Leslie Knope mug.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: True Story: I’m an alcoholic, 10 things to do in Florida if you (like me) don’t like amusement parks, Why you should hang out with + date people you admire.



Amish friendship bread is soooo amazing. Warm and soft and yeast-y with vaguely crunchy cinnamon bits. It was a trend through my grandmother’s church when I was little and I remember her counter being filled with giant Ziploc freezer bags we had to “stir” everyday for the starter packs.

Lesley S

It’s so delicious! However, I once TOTALLY forgot about it when I went on vacation in the summer. I left it on the counter. I turned the air conditioning up when we left, so it was quite warm in our house. The starter grew and grew. It grew all the way out of the bag and all over my kitchen counters. And then it attracted thousands of giant black ants. So I basically came home to a nightmare. That was the end of my friendship bread adventure. Just FYI – check into what to do with it when you go out of town. I think it can be refrigerated.

Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Thank you so much for featuring my “Last 5 lbs.” post, Sarah! Hope you have a great time on your honeymoon! P.S. I need that mermaid shower curtain now, and how cute is that cheese platter!


It’s interesting that the first comment on the article about men needing to LISTEN to women when they say they are dealing with behaviour that makes them uncomfortable instead of claiming her views are invalid, is a man…..claiming her views are invalid.

I wish people would accept that they don’t get to choose whether their behaviour makes someone else uncomfortable. If something you do/say makes someone else feel unsafe/uncomfortable/annoyed, then that person feels unsafe/uncomfortable/annoyed! End of story!

I know there were also a few women saying she was ‘making up issues that weren’t actually a common occurrence’ and I would love to live wherever those women reside, because I know that myself and every single female I am friends with has dealt with MOST of the things she mentioned on more than one occasion. And it IS engrained in us to smile politely and downplay our feelings in order to avoid confrontation. Happens every day for some people.

One day I hope some of these men will stop getting defensive over these kinds of articles and instead LISTEN and ACCEPT that just because *they* don’t treat women like that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.


I have that shower curtain! After looking at it online for two years, I pulled the plug and bought it with a coupon last year from Mod Cloth. It was soooo worth it. I love it so much and it makes my ugly apartment bathroom so much better!


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