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Hi guys! As you read this, I’m winging my way back from my honeymoon. It was the perfect mix of eating, exploring and doing nooooothing … which for me, is an oddly hard-to-master mix! I’m trying really, really hard to ‘stay in the vacation’ and not start thinking about work and the coming week before I’m even on the plane.

Will report back on how that goes 😉

Links for you!

If you dress like a hipster, will more men pay attention to you? And more importantly, who caaaaares #wearwhatyouwant.

What do Freddie Mercury and David Bowie sound like performing Under Pressure A cappella?

Do you want to change careers? These 25 small steps will help you get started!

A new collective boyfriend for us: Daniel Henney.
If Daniel Henney were your boyfriend, the tough little scrapper of a cat you guys got from the no-kill shelter would follow Daniel Henney around, come running when he called, even eat out of his hand — just like a dog. The cat would have very little use for you, but you wouldn’t mind because you’d already have the aforementioned hedgehog and two Labradors.

Beautiful … trucks?

As I’ve probably mentioned a million times, I am a newly minted stepmom. It is awesome/annoying/hard/rewarding/etc. One way we deal with the inevitable meal arguments and different food preferences is the ‘Build your own’ bar. Build your own pizza! Build your own salad! Build your own stuffed baked potato! Here’s a round up of 40 (!!) ideas for ‘Build your own’ meals.

A funny essay about Sheryl Sandberg + crying in the bathroom at work.

What if you discovered your spouse had Asperger’s? Years into your marriage?
During the years Kristen and I dated, I was on my best behavior. When I slipped, she seemed to find my eccentricity endearing. I remember her laughter upon discovering dozens of pictures I had taken of myself to see what I might look like to other people at any given moment: me watching TV; me about to sneeze; me on the toilet, looking pensive. 



Thanks for sharing the article about the partner with Asperger’s! A real interesting one – when do you tell someone? Do you have to tell them at all? I prefer to not mention it or let it define me and let people get to know me for me, not for my ‘disability’.

Sarah Von Bargen

Ooooh, good question! For me – if I was in a headed-towards-living-together-or-getting-married relationship with someone who had a serious diagnosis, I’d want to know about it. I’d want to know how I can help, how I could help them advocate for themselves within the healthcare system, and I’d also want all the information on the table so I could make an informed decision about the relationship. If I wanted to have children and my partner had a genetic condition that might get passed to our children, I think I have a right to know.

And (of course) the right partner will want to be with us regardless of our health history!


My husband and I came to the conclusion that he had Asperger’s after we’d been married for about a year. Our marriage has definitely gone a lot differently since we found out, but I wouldn’t change it for the world—although it was a HUGE, HARD change!

Sarah Von Bargen

Julie, would you and your husband be willing to do a True Story interview about it? I think it’s a story a lot of people could benefit from!


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