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I’m in Mexico for the next 2.5 weeks (you can follow along on Instagram!) so I’ve brought in some of my favorite interneters to curate Web Time Wasters for you!

Also! I have plenty of space in the March Network of Nice. Need first-person insight on a career change, grad school, new city, or experience? Want to make new friends in your town? Beta test your offerings or products? Send me 50-100 words about your non-Google-able, non-promotional hookup request or offer and we’ll get you in there! sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.


Hello all! I’m Amy Edwards, I’m a 43-year-old musician based in Austin, and I only started rocking about 5 years ago- now I’ve completed 2 albums and I’m working on a third. I’m always learning more than I ever dreamed, and out of this, the site RYmagazine was born (RY is short for Rock Your). I am a firm believer that it’s never too late to go for it and make every bit of your life rock in the way only you can. Rock out with me (literally) at amyandthehifis.com, or visit realamyedwards.com

Links for you!

Not to get too serious right outta the gate, but let’s #RockOurWorld a little. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about privilege and what it means in life. This cartoon from The Pencilsword says a lot in a pretty poetic way. This video on Buzzfeed spoke to me as well and made me wonder what it might look like with people from developing countries.Speaking of privileged people….there’s so much going on in politics, it’s hard to keep up. I have been enjoying Stephen Colbert’s political bits (especially on the exercise bike, I L.O.L. a L.O.T.).
But enough about all that! Let’s talk about what’s really important. Like fashion and DIY projects. The beautiful new Gucci bags are so fine (the whole collection is killing it IMO), but really, once the season is done, it’s- well- last season. Ew. Try your own version of something like this DIY patch bag that I made over the course of years and years. I get compliments every time I carry it.
Food: I consider myself somewhat of a french fry aficionado, and if you like fries like I do, then look no further for the phone case of your dreams (and there’s a burger too). The fact that a googly-eye fry guy phone case exists is gold.
Know what else exists? THIS. People have been studying it and science says, “Yup, it’s real.”
On another note, I dream of pulling off headbands like Lady Mary’s, but I don’t think it’s actually ever going to happen. So I’ll pretend for a spell while dreaming of these.
Ever though about how much cats kill? Here’s a funny and informative infographic.  (Or if you prefer dogs, try this.) And now I hope you’ll join me in forever loving The Oatmeal if you didn’t already.
And in case all that’s not enough, channel your inner Bill and Ted for this addictive sub-Reddit “WOAH Dude,” which shares things like beautiful geodes in Ethiopia and the difference between a million and a billion that gets me every time. I can click so much here….WOAH, dude….
Embarrassingly I went down a Bieber rabbit hole and read this GQ interview that I found interesting. I don’t know why. Who knew in 2016 we’d all be Beliebers?
Last but not least, I am so impressed when people can nail the artistic value of their Instagrams. Mine’s kind of a fail but at least I’ve got a checkerboard going. Check out and follow the stunning IG feeds of Kat Von D Beauty and The Collecteur, Guilia Scalese.
Thanks again and happy time-wasting–or learning, as I like to call it ;)!


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