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A video that I find totally hypnotizing and relaxing.

How was your week guys? I spend Monday and Tuesday in transit (drive > bus > taxi > flight > flight > light rail > bed). The rest of the week was dedicated to podcast interviews, making one million weird smoothies, and lots of St. Patrick’s Day festivities with buddies.

But enough about green beer and smoothies with veggies hidden in them! Let’s talk about you, internet! 

Travel related: I recently upgraded from my old, inflatable travel pillow to this and it is soooooo gooood.

I love these teeeeeny, tiny ‘paintings for ants

Yup. It doesn’t matter how you feel, you still have to do the work.

Ooooh! Wouldn’t coconut curry ice cream be great this summer?

Somewhat related: awesome/terrifying cake/art.

Lovely, ethical, thoughtful options for gift registries (WEDDING SEASON IS UPON US.)

The merits of small talk, even when you’re running late or doing something less-than-fun.
The x-ray monitor lights up to indicate my necklace — I always forget to take off my necklace — and the blonde TSA agent starts patting me down while her coworker breathlessly describes a queso sauce that “tastes like liquid gold.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I finally interrupt. “What restaurant are we talking about here?”

The man lights up. “Moe’s Southwest Grill!”

A super cute, quick DIY for fringed …. sneakers?

Who says you can’t have a super stylish apartment in your parents’ basement?

Cauliflower steaks with romesco sauce? Dontmindifido.

Helpful! Where to find secondhand furniture online (there’s more to life than Craigslist!)

I have a lot of feelings about this.
They say where you went to school doesn’t really matter, it’s what you do with your education that counts. But “Where’d you go?” is still a question I’m asked more often than I would have ever guessed in my life. People who ask this question typically, I find, went to really good schools, which is why they are so into talking about it.

If we have another cold snap before spring officially arrives, maybe you can make these spice and herb firestarters! Or use them in a backyard bonfire!

Let’s stop wearing cardigans when it’s hot and being insecure about our arms.

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Great post! Definitely gonna try those cauliflower steaks. I love romesco sauce!

Bummed I can’t read your full posts in my rss reader anymore. It only shows a short preview. Did something change with your settings?


Sarah Von Bargen

We’ve been rejiggering a few things and we’re still figuring it out. I’d like to be able to have some posts truncated and some full length in the RSS feed. I’ve seen some bloggers do that (Cup of Jo) but I (and my SEO guru and designer) have yet to figure it out! Ugh! Thanks for your patience 🙂


Sarah….I LIVE for these lists! They are always fun, informative, and mind-blowing in some way. My only complaint is that when I click one of the links, it takes me away from your site, and sometimes…the sites you link to are so good, I have a hard time remembering to come back here. Just a suggestion to maybe make your links open in a new page? I wouldn’t want anyone to forget all about YOUR great site! 🙂

Sarah Von Bargen

You’re so sweet! I’ll have to look into this – I thought I had this set up to always open links in a new window!


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