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What’d you guys get up to this week? I got to catch up with out-of-town friends, enjoyed the warm weather with tons of long walks, and celebrated April 1st with a pirate dinner. <- RECOMMENDED

Here are the best things from allllll over the internet!

I had sooooo much fun talking with Nicole on her podcast about the stories we tell ourselves, setting goals, and the jeggings I’m obsessed with. I think you guys will love Real Talk Radio – it’s a total binge-listen!

On her death in January 1947, Vivienne Eliot left her papers to the Bodleian Library, Oxford, in order to preserve the record of her tempestuous 17-year marriage to the poet T. S. Eliot. She wrote in her diary that she longed for people to know the “true history” of her relationship with her husband. In a letter to her friend Lady Ottoline Morrell, she claimed that, “the truth will all come out, if not in our life, then after it”.

Do you live in a bubble? Are you surrounded by people who are just like you? Here’s a super interesting quiz that will tell you how “thick” your bubble is. My score was 29 – time to start stretching my horizons!

We have gift registries for weddings and babies, why don’t we have them for breakups? Especially because you’re more likely to need a new blender after a breakup!

Related: did you know that you can make wedding registries and baby registries on Amazon now? Sooo much easier than wandering around Target with a scanner gun!

Fruit juice cubes for your gin and tonic? GENIUS I SAY.

Related: we have this specific icecube tray and we looooove it. Never, ever going back to that plastic foolishness!

The patronizing questions we ask women who write.

I loved Courtney’s guide to simple travel. I rarely do more than two things in a given day!

Creamy chia and cashew pudding!

I had a surprisingly hard time transitioning from extremely low-paying ‘good’ work (ESL teacher at a non-profit) to higher paying, less ‘important’ work. I present without comment: How I Learned That Doing ‘Good’ Work Didn’t Make Me a ‘Good’ Person.

What happens when you switch careers to make art … and then you have an accident that damages the hand you use to make art?

Whhhhhaaat? This is not from McSweeney’s or The Onion.

In the event that you want audio clips of all the horrible, insulting things Donald Trump has ever said, here you are.

What if Justin Beiber were your son?
If Justin Bieber were my son, I would say, “Well, then, maybe I need to speak to your manager” at least once a day.

If Justin Bieber were my son – my terrible, horrible son – I would never allow him to face consequences for his actions. I would bail him out of everything, including actual jail, and shield him from 100% of consequences and self-reflection.

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Sarah Von Bargen

They’re seriously soooo good! My husband is obsessed with them and a friend of mine who has them refers to them as a ‘marriage saver’! (They make a lot of mixed drinks)


Hi, SVB! Do you have any silicone ice cube trays? I love, love, love mine, but if the stainless are even better, I’m gonna need some!

Sarah Von Bargen

I have silicone ones for my ‘fancy’ cubes and the metal trays for my ‘regular’ cubes. Also, I find the trays are good for dinner parties because you get a bunch of big cubes quickly – you don’t have to slowly peel them out … if that makes sense.


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