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How was your week, guys? I celebrated my first week of ghostwriting-free life by … tackling a bunch of nagging house projects! Really and truly, I love spackling and edging while listening to podcasts. We also checked out the newly open-to-the-public Commodore Bar (in F. Scott’s old apartment building!) and celebrated a friend’s birthday with a fancy private karaoke room at Encore. Sooooo fun!

Enough about me! What about you, internet? 

If you’re a woman and you travel solo (like I often do) you have a new tool to add to your arsenal: The Murder Walk!

Did you know that you can swap your Facebook feed for one, single inspirational quote?

Related: I love how Kathleen addressed Instagram’s algorithm change.

When I was posting on Instagram about my recent trip to Mexico and our amazing Airbnbs, a few of you guys requested links to the listings. This is where we stayed in Merida (ADORABLE, super affordable, great location, internet was slower than we’d hoped) and this is where we stayed in Progreso (great deal for the price, you do probably want/need a rental car because it’s not in the city center). And here’s a $35 credit to use towards your first Airbnb booking!

Hilarious/sad. Some uses for women in Trump’s America
-great way to display your gold
-put one or two on your lawn and it looks like you’re having a party!
-load up your sportscar with one or two of these and you can drive it in the HOV lane
-one can add a nice touch to any cocktail party, especially if draped in costly beads
-put one on each side of doorways and they can hold plants or drink trays and really spruce up a room

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A great reminder that you should keep going: a Minnesota hockey player who was cut twice in tryouts for his high school hockey team just signed with the NHL.

Ooooh! I love a good roundup of beauty tricks! As a blonde eyelash-haver, I particularly liked #2.

I try to remember to always say thank you whether that’s verbally or via text, email, Facebook event page, or actual thank you card. Here are 7 other times we should say thank you (I loved number three and will be doing that from now until forever.)

An essay called “I went home with a lesbian last night” written by a guy who usually dates men.

This cute kitchen belongs to … Seth Meyers?

Why didn’t we think of this before!? Savory cheesecake!

Girl, YES. Things I Have Mistaken For A Personality Trait Or Love Over The Years, Both In Others And In Myself, Usually To My Own Detriment

  • Owns the same books as I do
  • Offers rides without my asking
  • “If we have similar tastes we must have similar values, this is an excellent prospect for a long-term relationship”
  • Finishes drinks at a similar pace

Have you already seen this? I’m with you, baboon buddy.

Good photoshopping!

Now that I’m trying to ‘be in my life,’ I loved this post about rediscovering your city.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: How to buy happiness for $5 (or less), 101 ways to cheer yourself up, How to replace your apartment’s terrible lighting.


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