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How was you week, guys? As I’m sure you know, Minneapolis lost one of its most beloved citizens this week and the whole city has been in mourning. I was lucky enough to see Prince perform at Paisley Park a few years ago and it was exactly as awesome and weird as you’d expect. We love and miss you, purple one.

Anyway, here are some great link for you:

YES. Yes. Wise words from my friend Rachel. Success won’t save you. But that’s okay – it doesn’t have to.
If my work can’t save me, that means I can stop expecting it to. Which in turn allows me to enjoy the work for what it is, to appreciate the people who connect with it in whatever numbers they arrive, and to focus on the thing that really drives me to create in the first place: the surprising things that happen when you put something out in the world, the new things that get created in return, and most of all, the people and collaborations it draws into your life.

Related: I finally read this book and it’s exactly as good as everyone says it is.

Bookmark this for, oh, always. 108 ideas for real self-care. (I particularly like #14)

This song makes we want to strut down the sidewalk on a balmy Thursday summer evening.

A new Instagram account for us to love: Phi Phi O’Hara. A drag queen who dresses as pop culture phenomena. April O’Neil from The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles! Jem!

A fascinating, scary write up about Empty Nose Syndrome.
His breathing was all messed up. In fact, he couldn’t even feel himself breathing through his nose. Instead of steady, rhythmic breathing, he felt like he was constantly coming up for air. And it was more than that. His senses felt dulled, like he’d had a lobotomy. Emotions he used to access easily now seemed far away, out of reach. Everything felt like nothing.

Well done, Apartment Therapy. I didn’t realize this was an April Fool’s joke till I read the comments!

Related: excellent decluttering tips I haven’t heard a million times before.

To add to your RSS Feed: Style Like U. An amazing site that interviews tons of people about their style evolution. Fascinating, inclusive, beautiful. Peeks into closets, video interviews, so much good stuff!

Food 52 tests five of the most pinned recipes with mixed results.

I think we can all empathize with this.

Why do poor people ‘waste’ money on luxury goods?
Vivian fixed me with a stare as she was slipping on her pearl earrings and told me that people who can do, must do. It took half a day but something about my mother’s performance of respectable black person — her Queen’s English, her Mahogany outfit, her straight bob and pearl earrings — got done what the elderly lady next door had not been able to get done in over a year. I learned, watching my mother, that there was a price we had to pay to signal to gatekeepers that we were worthy of engaging. It meant dressing well and speaking well. It might not work. It likely wouldn’t work but on the off chance that it would, you had to try. It was unfair but, as Vivian also always said, “life isn’t fair little girl.”

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite Impressive Women got where they are, you’ll love this interview series.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: What we eat can change the world, Two clever, slightly gross makeup tricks, Custard fritters.



YESSSSS I love Phi Phi O’Hara. She is like, one of the most iconic queens from Rupaul’s Drag Race. Particularly known for the catchphrase “GO BACK TO PARTY CITY WHERE YOU BELONG,” which was flung at spooky goth queen Sharon Needles.


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