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What you guys get up to this week? I was a blessedly quiet and slow week for me, just a few friend hangs and my stepson’s 13th birthday. His birthday meal of choice was sushi and I made him a ‘heavy metal’ birthday cake with black icing, strawberry ‘blood’ filling and tons of those little silver balls that break your teeth.

Links for you, dudes!

Sad but important: 16 things I would want if I got dementia.

This is meant for children with anxiety but I think it could be useful for, oh, everyone. Particularly #10, 13, and 19.

Just wanted to remind you that Target is a Minnesota-based company! #proud. They support their customers and employees using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat and fell down an internet hole reading about it. This is a really interesting and insightful read about the realities of fame, money, and creativity.
A lot of my insecurities were exacerbated by those things. Wanting everyone to love me. Not feeling confident in myself. Feeling insecure. All of the sudden I had more people telling me they loved me, but also a lot of people I don’t know telling me they hate me and that I suck. Someone wrote me today, “Mike Posner used to be bae as f*ck. He’s so ugly now.” Things like that used to crush me. My time out of the spotlight, between the first album and now, I learned to be happy without attention for the most part. It stings a little less when I read that. Because I know if no one knows who I am, I can figure out a way to be happy. I’m pretty confident in my ability to do that. Not happy 100 percent of the time, but I can enjoy life still.

I’ve been rereading this book series and it is so, so lovely. Every day I read a few chapters after breakfast and it’s such a great way to start the day!

I really like this healthy eating travel series. Each month they highlight a new city in 2,000 calories and 10,000 steps. Such a cool way to see a new place!

A new to me food blog: Anett Velsberg. Gooooorgeous photography and yummy plant-based recipes like garlic smashed potatoes with avocado and coconut dip or beet and paprika falafel!

Related: carrot lox.

How to love and be loved.

Are you following Homer Hans Bryant on Instagram? It’s a ballet school in Chicago that combines ballet and hip hop! En pointe moonwalks!

A fascinating longread: Beyond the Tyga Sex Scandal: The Real Life of Trans Porn Star Mia Isabella
“If a celebrated man loves a transgender woman or possibly did, that’s news? It shouldn’t be news. It should be normal for anyone and everyone to be allowed to love who they choose.”

A very informative read, no matter where you stand on abortion: I terminated my wanted pregnancy at 23 weeks.

Reminder: fitness pros are insecure, too!

Do you have Big Emotions? Here’s how to live with them.

Presented without comment: less agreeable people care more about grammar.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this! What Happens If I Survive the Apocalypse and Only Have One Pair of Contact Lenses? Clearly, it’s time for Lasik.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: 5 summer camps for adults I’d like to go to tomorrow, 15 things every woman should own, 17 tiny changes that make life more interesting.



I just reread the Emily series a few months ago! So good. The second one’s my favorite and the third’s a bit of a wash (focuses almost exclusively on her romances), but I love them anyway. 🙂


OMG Emily of New Moon!!! I always loved her better than Anne.
Funny story about Emily. I loved her name as a girl. LOVED IT. And was determined to name my daughter Emily Byrd Starr. I would even tell my mom that I would either legally change my name to Starr or I would marry a man with the last name of Starr JUST so that we could name our daughter this. Fast forward years later (having completely forgotten) and I married a man who last name is… Starr. Truly did not even realize it until after we’d been engaged for months. Hahahaha. Now, I think the name is kind of silly and Victorian… but a small part of me is like… but I have to name a daughter that now, right? Like it’s required by the Universe. 🙂

That Dementia article is on point. I work for a center on Healthy Aging and that was really well written.

You have the best links!


I lost my grandmother two years ago. She had dementia for many years before her death, very severe at the end. This list made me cry but I am glad I and my family made most of those things happen as well as we could for her.


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