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How was your week guys? I crossed ‘Take a burlesque class’ off my new things list after completing a two-month class and performing in a student showcase in duct tape and sequinned tap pants (!!!!!!). Also: I helped a friend celebrate her graduation from electrician school and caught up with out of town buddies.

Links! I found some good uns for you!

Such an interesting way to use wallpaper!

Let’s be honest. Making friends as an adult can be weirdly hard; this will help.

Roasted carrots with yogurt and green sauce.

Vaguely related: 16 ingenious ways to incorporate more avocado into your life.

A good reminder: I can be the boss of me. And you can be the boss of you.
There’s a lot of freedom in this. We can choose what to spend our money on, how to fill in the calendar boxes, and what to put in our fridge. If I choose to sleep in or wake up early, either one is my choice. I decide how to start my day. This also means I have the freedom to say no to things that just aren’t best and yes to things that are.

13 questions to ask before you get married – and they’re not the ones you think! Question #12 is a tough one.

A new French habit to take up.

Seems about right: Coachella on IG vs. Coachella IRL.

I think a lot of us have ideas about diversity in America. We believe the Italians all live on the east coast and the Scandinavians and Germans are all in the upper Midwest. I liked this photo essay on the fast-growing Hispanic population in Tennessee.

How does a photographer’s preconceptions about a subject affect their photography?

A cute subscription box for the snail mail lover in your life.

A Stanford dean says that every 18-year-old should have these skills.

A great, great long read about “millennial hobos.”
It also dovetailed nicely with my delusional sense of my own spartan lifestyle. I wear the same pair of jeans every day. I drive a Kia. Yessir, I don’t need much to keep me happy! But that’s a hilarious lie. As I was packing, I remembered I needed my phone. Oh, and a charger. And a toothbrush.And what about my ID and credit card? OMG and what about my contact lenses?! Do I sleep with them IN? And do I need some kind of bamboo mat for sleeping on the ground? Pillows! WHAT OF PILLOWS?!


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