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This post is brought to you by an extra paycheck, passion projects, the letter T, and the Two Inboxes podcast. 

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From ages 20-32, I pretty consistently worked two jobs. Newspaper intern + thrift store manager; Teaching assistant + home healthcare worker; ESL teacher + blogger. Working a 9-to-5 and a side hustle was equal parts exhausting and exciting. My day job helped me pay the rent, my side hustle stoked my creativity and helped me get where I am today!

Apparently, I wasn’t alone. As of 2014, 35% of millennials have a side hustle, and many, many more are thinking about starting one. That’s millions of 20 and 30-somethings trying to find the time and energy to kill it at the office … and then come home and kill it with freelance clients, blog readers, or product-buying customers.

two inboxes

What’s a side hustler to do?! Listen to Two Inboxes, that’s what. 

The Two Inboxes podcast is part of the Forbes podcast network (fancy!) and it’s hosted by our internet BFF Molly Ford of Smart Pretty Awkward fame. Molly talks to amazing 20 and 30-somethings who are climbing the ladder of corporate success and managing an entrepreneurial venture on the side. She asks them about their journeys so far, with an emphasis on advice listeners can apply to their own lives, careers, and side-hustles.

Molly has all sorts of great guests – like an executive assistant by day/social media sensation by night who parlayed his hashtag into a movie and a content strategist by day/lifestyle blogger by night. So interesting! So helpful! Go have a listen on Forbes.com or Itunes, friends! It’s freeeee!

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