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Friends! As you read this, I’m in Mexico (again), but this time for work (sort of). If you’re at all interested in photos of beaches/ruins/cenotes, you can follow along on Instagram! Aside from packing, I spent this week trying to take the dog to the beach (failure), getting a much-needed haircut, and breaking out the popsicle forms because it’s officially That Time Of Year.

Links for you!

This is a random suggestion but if you, like I, have been encouraged by a medical professional to eat less gluten, these are by far the best noodles and the Trader Joe’s gluten-free bagels are pretty good. I mean, you’re not going to confuse them with real bagels, but they’ll totally scratch the bread itch! Also:

Cute! Dessert For Two is a food blog devoted exclusively to two-person dessert recipes!

Oooof. This is a good, important post. It’s theoretically about parenting but it’s really about the mistakes we all make in life.
There is no difference between me leaving her on the counter in that chair, and a parent who backed over their kid playing in the driveway. We pretend there is, because we want to think there’s an immense barrier between us and disaster, but there isn’t. Just luck.

Have you ever seen those men who post snarky comments about women’s sexy selfies? And then those men post their own sexy selfies?
Here’s a catalog of said #shirtlessshamers.

Wow! These people did an amazing job of adding personality to their self-described “cookie cutter tract home.”

I’m fascinated: a grapefruit, turmeric, and tellicherry pepper drink. (What’s a tellicherry?)

I love the idea of these bracelets.

I love Elise’s round up of ethical fashion under $25!

Do good marriages include yelling?
I could nearly see my exhaled stew of emotions; it looked like glitter floating around, drifting to the floor. I wasn’t high, but I felt like it. The patterns in the sunlight suddenly struck me as the most painfully beautiful things I had ever seen. Silent sparkles swirling around, making a decision.

Ahhh! Perfumes inspired by famous ladies! Jane Austen and Sylvia Path!

When we talk about how people use social media, we’re usually talking about how young, white, city-dwellers are using social media. How do other people use it? The Morning News talked to a sex worker, a pastor’s wife, a rapper about how they use social media.

22 things every woman needs in her life. (I promise, this post is not what you think it is.)

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: 9 ways to save money for travel, Someone’s going to do amazing things; it might as well be you, 10 ways to find that grown up feeling.


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