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How was your week, guys? I met up with out of town friends, hosted some of my favorite High Powered Ladies for cocktails, and crossed ‘Trampoline Park’ off my New Things list. Uh, NEVER AGAIN.

Links for you!

Why you should consider sketching scenes when you travel rather than photographing them.

Almost every day I give thanks that social media and smart phones didn’t exist when I was a teenagers. Here’s what it’s like to be 13 in 2016 and on social media.
She has 604 followers. There are only 25 photos on her page because she deletes most of what she posts. The ones that don’t get enough likes, don’t have good enough lighting or don’t show the coolest moments in her life must be deleted.

My new obsession: these shirts. Why?
1. They’re elbow length which is great if you want to protect your shoulder from summer sun or you don’t like your upper arms
2. They’re linen so their surprisingly not hot
3. You can wear them year round!
4. They’re a flattering but comfortable cut
5. They’re $17

I bought two!

Related: I haaaate loyalty cards and coupons – I just want to buy what I want to buy without worrying about expiration dates! But after The Motley Fool recommended the Target Red Card I got one and I love it. I’m at Target constantly and it’s hard to argue with 5% off every purchase and free shipping from Target.com. AND Target is a Minnesota company! AND they removed gender from their toy aisles!

Ha! Yes! 24 things women over 30 should wear.

Truth. A lot of families can’t afford summer.

What’s it like to be a housewife in paradise? A bit more emotionally complex than you’d think.
“So you’re visiting?” he said.
“No,” I said, “My husband works here.”
“Oh, so you’re on his visa. And you can sit on the beach while you make him work for you!” It was supposed to be a joke, I guess — either really conservative or really progressive.
I told him I was on a deadline, that I get anxious if I don’t write. That we needed my income, too. I’m not sure why I didn’t just laugh and take my coffee. I wanted to be understood, for the guy at the local diner to know my deal.
“But you don’t have to work! You should embrace the life of leisure! Go swim in the ocean while he brings home the money!”

Have you ever rejected a man because of his body? Here’s an essay from a guy who experienced that rejection first hand.

Let’s make tart cherry and mint sorbet. And then let’s make these rainbow cupcakes.

My new favorite Instagram account: Interspecies Friends!

Most of us want approval. From everyone. Which is impossible. If you’re struggling with disapproval, consult this handy dandy matrix!

Did you meet a smart, accomplished, beautiful woman? Awesome! Instead of feeling threatened, befriend her!

Next time I’m in Chicago, I’m OBVIOUSLY going to this Saved By The Bell-themed diner.

A pin and beer coozy  for hustler in your life.

And two Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: How to save up for big ticket items and How to be skinny (<- not what you’d think.)


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