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Hi guys! Depending on when you read this, I’m either elbow deep in brunch at Hunny Milk or just starting my 42-hour train ride from Portland to Minneapolis (you can follow along on Instagram!) An overnight trainride might not sound fun to you but I loooooove them!

Links for you:

Yes. Summer tomato pie.

Did you know these tricks to shopping on Amazon? (I knew exactly two and I shop on Amazon ALL THE TIME.)

I’ve wanted to dip my toe into using a pedometer but I didn’t want to drop $130 on a Fitbit only to lose interest two months later, so I bought this $25 sleep and activity monitor. The reviews are luke warm and it’s certainly not a lifelong purchase, but it’s a great entry point and I’ve loooooved obsessively tracking my steps and sleep habits. And yes, sometime I find myself marching in place in front of Hulu at 8 pm. 😉

Related: Kat recently started exercising and was amazed by how it has affected her mental health!

I loved these vacation tips – particularly the first one!

In an election year, a very, very important thing to remember (that I need to be reminded of): The “Other Side’ Is Not Dumb. 

Fascinating and important: a reporter spent four months undercover as a prison guard and wrote about it.
He asks us what we should do if we see two inmates stabbing each other.
“I’d probably call somebody,” a cadet offers.
“I’d sit there and holler ‘stop,'” says a veteran guard.
|Mr. Tucker points at her. “Damn right. That’s it. If they don’t pay attention to you, hey, there ain’t nothing else you can do.”
He cups his hands around his mouth. “Stop fighting,” he says to some invisible prisoners. “I said, ‘Stop fighting.'” His voice is nonchalant. “Y’all ain’t go’ to stop, huh?” He makes like he’s backing out of a door and slams it shut. “Leave your ass in there!”

I love this idea! If you’re making jam or pies, use your fruit scraps to make infused vodka!

10 words for emotions you didn’t even know you had (I’ve felt L’appel du vide so many times!)

Ahem. If you’re always surrounded by jerks, maybe it’s time to consider that you’re the common denominator, dude.
He might rage against the smallest typo in a student’s or secretary’s document, while producing a torrent of errors himself; it just wouldn’t occur to him to apply the same standards to himself. He might insist on promptness, while always running late. He might freely reprimand other people, expecting them to take it with good grace, while any complaints directed against him earn his eternal enmity.

Mind-blowing photos of the last surviving tribes on earth.

Filed under “Nooooo!!!!! 🙁 🙁 :(” Can dry shampoo make you lose your hair?

Do you have trouble turning off your brain at night? Try doing a thought download before you get into bed!

Good stuff. How to Say “No, Actually I Don’t Want to Discuss It”  &  Some Done-For-You-Scripts

Hope you had a great week, friends!



That piece “The Other Side is not Dumb” is probably one of the best things I have read in awhile. Getting on facebook, social media (aside from Instagram…that place is always happy) has been exhausting because of some of the downright nastiness. It is so easy to build a stereotype of the other side, which in some ways really dehumanizes them. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a lovely train trip!


This morning I was looking at my hair and thought “is it thinning in the front?” and then I read the article about dry shampoo (which I use at least 3-4 times a week). I’m now terrified that my laziness is going to make me lose all my hair!


Thank you for posting the link to Jimmy Nelson’s work – as a high school art teacher, I often use his photographs as an example of an unethical approach to image-making and to illustrate how photographs aren’t evidence of truth, merely the framing of one’s point of view. I teach a lesson comparing the photographs of Jimmy Nelson vs anthropologist/ethnobotanist Wade Davis and ask my students which photographer they’d want to photograph their families and culture. The guy who briefly inhabits the ancestral homelands of some of the longest enduring cultures of the world – speaking to their children, eating their food, hearing their music – and concludes that they must be dying because their culture has changed in the last 100 years? Usually not. Change is not the same as death, rather the will to adapt and continue to exist. The fact that many native peoples around the world view his images as damaging and ignorant should also make us think of the validity of his work.

To discuss cultural genocide as simply a matter of garment and beauty highlights how little one man knows of culture. If one were to ask a member of the Vanuatu tribe what he or she really feared, it would most likely be the rising sea waters as a result of climate change that have already claimed atolls and island-nations across the South Pacific. If one were to ask another group what they feared, it could be their loss of language and their centuries worth of oral histories with it. Or perhaps they’d mention their inability to access ancestral lands and/or clean drinking water. These are issues that can be addressed by our current generation to make changes, though none of those issues are brought up in Jimmy’s images.


Arghh, I just started trying to ‘train’ my hair into not needing washing every day and using dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo has been my saviour!
I feel like I use loads on my hair though, how much dry shampoo do other people use on a daily basis?!?

Bianca B.

Great links as always! I especially love the one on ‘the Other Side’ – it’s way easier to dehumanize those we do not agree with than to understand that they too have a point.

(Btw, isn’t Hunny Milk the restaurant owned by Alexandra Franzen’s husband? The Internet really is a small place 😀 !)

Sarah Von Bargen

It is! Alex is a dear friend of mine – I was staying with her and Brandon! <3


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