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How was your week, friends? I met my high-powered ladies for breakfast, enjoyed a bit of boating + ice cream-eating and today Kenny and I are leaving on a five-day, four-night roadtrip around Wisconsin to see more of our beloved supper clubs. Follow along on Instagram if you’re interested in photos of old fashioneds and au gratin potatoes. 😉

P.S. Don’t worry, Mom. I didn’t just tell the internet our house will be empty for a week. WE GOT A HOUSESITTER FORPETESAKE.

Also! My True Story interviews well is running dry! I’m always looking for interviews. If you or someone you know has an interesting story we haven’t already covered, I’d love to hear from you. You can read more about submission guidelines here.

Links for you!

Last year, I ghostwrote a book that turned out to be an Amazon best seller. The woman I worked with is lovely and great at what she does, she just didn’t have time to write a book. I was fascinated by this article about the man who ghostwrote Donald Trump’s ‘Art of The Deal.’
“I put lipstick on a pig,” he said. “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.” He went on, “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”
If he were writing “The Art of the Deal” today, Schwartz said, it would be a very different book with a very different title. Asked what he would call it, he answered, “The Sociopath.”

This is pretty much my dream house.

Fun! 37 popular local foods that ship nationwide. Biscuits and pimento cheese, please!

I spent seven years working as an ESL teacher, two of those in St. Paul teaching English to refugees. So proud of Minnesota where our primary elections featured victories by two Democratic candidates who spent portions of their childhooods in refugee camps.

Beautiful photos of Maine Coons. Into it.

I love it! An entire cafe that bases its menu around food in literature!

New favorite internet person: Evelyn. Please let’s be friends!

7 Days to More Tenderness, Passion & Love? Into it.

Decadent hippie food! Choco nice cream with peanut butter oats, chocolate chunks, and ‘donut’ holes (!!!)

An amazing obituary.
He leaves behind four children, five grand- children, and the potted meat industry, for which he was an unofficial spokesman until dietary restrictions forced him to eat real food. 

I did my M.A. in Wellington, New Zealand and I’ll always sort of consider it my spiritual home. I loved this interview with an American expat about parenting in New Zealand.

Shirley Manson Is Turning 50 and DGAF About What You Think
These days, she takes the stage in, say, an MSGM satin smock with side pockets and an abstract print (still pink, though). According to Manson, it’s all about a wardrobe that’s “simple and I can move in. I’ve always wanted to be more dominant than what I was wearing. I hate being constricted by clothing. Fuck that. Life’s too short. My comfort’s more important.”

Information I hope you never need: if you have pets and you can smell that one of them has been … relieving themselves in the house but you can’t FIND the source of the smell, this will help. UGH.

I grew up in a town of 1,770 people in rural Minnesota, so I loved this roundup of rural Instagrammers!

I loved Kristen’s post about giving what you need to get. I pretty much created Yes & Yes because this is the sort of blog I wanted to read but couldn’t find!

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: How to tell people things they don’t want to hear, 8 ways to show your home you love + respect it, How to give people an exhausted, watered-down version of yourself.



Would love to hear more about your WI supper club experiences! I’m looking for a good supper club in the Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire area. Thanks!


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