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How was your week, friends? Here in America, it’s another week of heartbreak and outrage. Two more unarmed black men were killed by police officers. If you’re looking for tangible steps you can take to help, I rounded up resources here.

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I love Erin’s ‘Two way’ posts and her post about little changes we can make around our homes in the fall is no exception.

T/F: The best thing about fall is this photoshoot of cats wearing scarves.

I love this house tour – particularly their wall of non-traditional collector plates.

I started using this recently and I love it! It makes me feel simultaneously fresh-faced and put together.

I am so, SO deeply co-signed on this: Stop Taking Pride In Not Knowing How To Do Basic Shit.
This is ridiculous, and frankly offensive to ourselves, and is in many ways my least favorite part of ~social media culture~. It’s considered adorable and relatable to talk about how “Whoops just spent the rest of my paycheck on a bottle of champagne and pizza, which I’m eating in the dark because I can’t change a lightbulb, while watching a Netflix show on an account I share with seven people, which I have turned up all the way because my smoke alarm has been beeping for the last three months.” Frankly, without at least a sprinkling of embarrassed self-awareness, that kind of talk should be considered vaguely worrisome, not a rallying cry to be like ‘SAME SLORE I LIVE LIKE AN AMISH PERSON THE FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH BECAUSE I FORGET TO PAY MY ELECTRICITY BILL.’

Broccoli melts = perfect Fall dinner.

Related: I love the idea of hosting a ‘crappy’ dinner party.

Have you read Stacy London’s (of ‘What Not To Wear’ fame) essay on aging yet? So good.
I don’t want to be defined by my age. But I consider it to be a great asset. You can ask me about heartbreak and disappointment, about triumph and fear and courage. I’ve had more experience with it because I’ve had more TIME to have experience. And I want my style to reflect that experience.

What if we got curious about the people who say unkind things to us?

A great reminder if you’re a lady who dates dudes and you’re concerned your body isn’t ‘right’

A great post about being honest about your needs.

Last summer I walked away from a book deal and I have absolutely zero regrets. Two years ago, Merritt Tierce published a novel to critical acclaim. Today, she’s struggling to make ends meet.

I was an ESL teacher for years and this article broke my heart: The lasting impact of white teachers who mispronounce minority student names

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