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How was your week, friends? I spent the week getting ready to launch my first ecourse in 4 years! It goes out to just my list on Monday! It’s called Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is and if you want first dibs and early bird pricing, sign up below.

This weekend was for dinner + a fire with friends in the backyard, celebrating my niece’s third birthday, housewarming two friends’ new house, and brunch with an out-of-town buddy. I AM EXHAUSTED.

Links from some of my lovely sponsors!

Katie writes so, SO many good things. Two favorites: 10 Ways A Travel Sabbatical Can Improve Your Career and Things I Know For Sure & Sometimes Forget

  1. When you’re stuck, just take ANY action. It’ll take you somewhere and then you can reevaluate to see if you’re closer or further from the target.
  2. Energy begets energy. Get moving.

Amy’s telling us what ‘flow’ is and how to find it plus a great reminder that it’s okay to be kind to ourselves. Really!

Oooh! I’m really enjoying this comprehensive series on rehabbing your wardrobe.

Annnnnd I’m into this 4-week ‘freezer cure,’ too.

I’m re-reading this book – one of my all time favorites!
“So you’ve given away the old good and evil?” asked Rose, amazed at all this rare talk from Quick. 
“No. No. I’ll stay a cop. But it’s not us and them anymore. It’s us and us and us. It’s always us. That’s what they never tell you. Geez, Rose, I just want to do right. But there’s no monsters, only people like us. Funny, but it hurts.”

“Spooky and sophisticated” Halloween decorating tips from my imaginary internet BFF Orlando Soria.

If you’re a fellow blogger/internet person you might want to know that in the last six months, I went from getting 7% of my traffic from Pinterest to 48 PERCENT of my traffic. Two reasons for that:
1. Sarah Morgan’s Pinterest Powerhouse course
2. The Tailwind app. If you’d like to try Tailwind, here’s a $30 credit!

It’s finally soup seasooooooooon! <- yelled in an Oprah voice because I’m so excited about it. 10 meat-free soup recipes!

A ‘salted caramel cheesecake‘ that’s …. raw and vegan?

Also: cauliflower hummus?

An important read for anyone with kids in their life: Raising race-conscious children.
Some parents will say, “I don’t want to mention that someone’s black,” and I say, “Black people aren’t upset that they’re black.” I think it’s important to dispel that idea.

Do you have a ‘type’ of person you date? A ‘type’ that involves the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the movies they watch? Maybe it’s time to get over your type.
On each date I found myself apologizing for our conversation desert and wondered how many times in a year, or in a decade even, it occurred to these tall men with messy hair and ratty tees to apologize to anyone for anything. If they ever felt an unbearable need to make every interaction pleasant for the other person, to the point of sacrificing their own interests one by one.

Will be getting buying this for Christmas “for the kids” (read: myself)

In the wake of Kim Kardashian being tied up and robbed at gunpoint – and the mean-spirited backlash against her – I’m co-signed with this article: Hating Kim Kardashian Is The Most Boring Thing You Can Do.
Maybe your boring hatred of Kim Kardashian is more of a moral abhorrence. You hate that she rose to fame off the back of a sex tape. Of course you do. Raking people over the coals for things they did in their early 20s is fresh. Holding a grudge against a someone for a sex tape, leaked without their permission nearly a decade ago, makes total sense.

I haven’t tried these but I’m convinced! My Weirdly Life-Changing Month Using Affirmation Apps

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