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Oh, friends. This week has been a DOOZY.

1. After 4+ months of prep and beta testing, I released my first ecourse in four years: Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is.

I am so, SO proud of it and I’ve seen it totally change the happiness habits + spending habits of my students. In fact, for many of them – the COURSE PAYS FOR ITSELF IN 2-3 WEEKS.

When financial experts talk about money, they almost never talk about feelings, motivations, or happiness. They don’t acknowledge that we all have different reasons for over-spending and we’re all made happy by different purchases and experiences.

When you figure out what truly makes you happy, you can create the financial habits to support that happiness – no matter how much you’re earning. Early bird pricing on Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, so you might want to jump on it quick-like 🙂

2. If you’d like a little taste before you dive in, sign up for one of my Stop Buying Sh*t You Don’t Need workshops later this week! Or just enter your info below.

Stop buying sh*t you don't need

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Join me at 7 pm on Wednesday for a free workshop on 5 steps to end regrettable spending!

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Links from some of my amazing sponsors!

Jessica is a creative powerhouse – she makes graphic novels, hosts a podcast, and has even written two textbooks! She shares all her insights here. And this post about regaining creative momentum when you’ve gotten derailed is a must read for pretty much everyone.

Riding bikes in the city stresses me out so I loved Meg’s post about bike riding for the bold soul. Also: a positive reframing of social media.

Perfect for fall: spicy posole with cheesy jalpeno cheddar muffins.

I looooove tiny houses, studio apartments, Airstreams. DesignSponge rounded up 14 small space-specific Instagram accounts!

Why are these photos so creepy?

I spent most of this year reading E V E R Y T H I N G L.M. Montgomery ever wrote (that’s 20+ books!) so I loved this roundup of Y.A. Lit that ‘grown ups’ will like, too.

Also: 18 children’s books with characters of color.

A good reminder that small changes add up.
I can take care with the every day and see results. I need to be reminded of that, of the low stakes but potentially high impact decisions. The value of mindfulness.

  • Saying I love you.
  • Cutting the crusts off.
  • Buying used.
  • Thank you. You’re welcome.
  • Sticking to the budget.
  • Getting up earlier than the kids.
  • Exercising.

It isn’t going to be a viral sensation and it won’t change my life in a drastic overnight kind of way, but it’s an improvement, a positive thing, a moment that’s worth it.

Oh! We can stop raking leaves! (sort of)

How to audit your life – a great idea for the analytical and list-lovers among us.

In the course of two decades, a medical secretary in Paris persuaded scores of renowned photographers to take her picture. Now that takes guts.

Weirdly, multiple people have told me that I’m Julia Roberts’ voice double – which is apparently a real job!

This is the next book in my queue. Doesn’t it sound FASCINATING?

Today’s full-color half sleeve is tomorrow’s Celtic bicep tattoo.

i’m here for all you girls with butterflies flapping gently above your ass cracks and what you were misled to believe are the japanese letters for “love” and “destiny” peeking out from under the hems of your jeans; and the bros with barbed wire circling biceps that no longer flex as hard as they used to and faded orange koi gasping for air atop flabby pectoral muscles that strain a little tighter against your old abercrombie polo shirts.

yes, i have an inky black tribal “sun” tattooed over the ill-conceived initials on my inner left wrist of a grown man who put ketchup on a steak at ruth’s chris one time before leaving a 10% tip and I WILL NO LONGER BE ASHAMED, friends. did that dude and i end up happily ever after? no! but at the time did my then-25 year old brain think that a person who made me a copy of his house key should be honored in return with a corner of real estate on my body!? you bet that ladybug tattoo on your ass i did.

Do you agree?

So, so, so good. My girl Alex’s latest (free!) book: You’re Going To Survive: True stories of criticism, rejection, public humiliation, terrible Yelp reviews, and other experiences that basically make you want to die— and how to get through it. Print it out, bookmark it, reference it any time you’re feeling like you’re the only person who’s struggled or failed.

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