Take Action While You’re Still Angry

Take action while you're feeling impassioned and motivated. Set up small, monthly donations to organizations that serve marginalized people.
Welp, it’s seven days after the election and the dust is starting to eeeeeever so slightly settle. I see people on Facebook posting photos of their workouts and their meals and their babies again. After a week of stress eating I’m re-introducing fruit and veggies into my diet. #pizzarollscuresadness

After any catastrophe, there’s a moment when life returns to ‘normal’ and for a lot of people, it seems like that moment is now-ish. Pretty soon we’ll all get swept up in the holidays and before you know it, it’s March. Time marches on, we get used to the ‘new normal’ and our indignation fades into quiet hopelessness and ignorance-is-bliss.

It’s human nature.

So right now, while we’re really feeling it, let’s all take a minute to set up monthly, auto-deducted donations to organizations that serve marginalized people. 

It’s awesome to make a big, one-time donation to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU! But did you know that when you become a sustaining supporter of a NGO your donation goes further? They can spend less time, money, and energy on fundraising because they have a better idea of their budget?

Even if you voted for Trump – because Obamacare failed you or you’re pro-life – I imagine you disagree with some of his proposed policy changes. Like how he doesn’t believe global warming is real?

If everyone who read this blog daily set up a $5 monthly donation THAT WOULD BE $65,000 A MONTH to support good, important causes.

Does this mean we can ‘set it and forget it’ with our political and community involvement? Of course not, but it’s one tiny step we can take to make sure we’re putting our money where our beliefs are well beyond November.

Here’s a great round up of pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-earth, anti-bigotry organizations that need your support. 

P.S. 19 tiny things you can do to make the world a better place.

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Done! I set up a $15 monthly donation to EarthJustice, and my fiance is going to pick another organization from to list to donate $10 a month to. Thanks for the push toward positive action!


Just wanted to say I set up a $5 monthly donation to one of the charities on that list because of your post! I had seen it going around and thought, “that’s a good idea, I should do that” – but didn’t feel the urgent need to actually set it up. This gave me the little push I needed.


While this is great, I’m getting really frustrated that all anyone suggests is donating money or writing to my congress people (who are already doing what I want them to do). It just feels so passive and adds to me feeling powerless.

Sarah Von Bargen

There are, of course, lots of other things you can do, Kat. This is just one way to make sure our money continues to support these causes when we get too busy to volunteer, etc.


Great idea! It’s one way to encourage people to be more active than just complaining on Facebook. I chose the route of exploring Kickstarter campaigns and similar fundraisers for programs that are important to me. Volunteering always sounds daunting but is super impactful… Anything from free gift wrapping for the holidays, to preparing and handing out meals at homeless shelters, to listening to someone who is struggling (sometimes that is all we can do and for the moment that’s what they really need).

Marie Therese Batt

I think this message is very necessary. Obviously, the election drama is still very raw and real for everyone. I fear that with time and life and business, we’ll move on to other things, without taking meaningful action about something that IS so important. So yeah, thanks for reminding us that NOW is a great time to react positively and keep moving forward.


In Canada, we are in danger of “Trump-creep” , as those here who espouse his views may be emboldened to be mean. The most obvious target is our aboriginal people. I am donating to support impoverished aboriginals ($ for firewood for elders’ homes) and have signed up for intercultural dialogue sessions. Volunteer work may come later, as I can fit it in.


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